As a self-employed or a starting entrepreneur, it’s important to present yourself professionally. Your living room is not always the most suitable environment for this. The solution? Rent a virtual office at BluePoint. You establish your company or postal address in a main location, without the burden of having your own office. No logistical worries, but a solid image boost! In addition, you will make use of the professional, high-tech facilities of our business center, such as the meeting rooms and coworking spaces. Talk about a win-win situation!


What is a virtual office?

Do you receive customers in your living room or kitchen as a self-employed person or start-up? That's not the professional setting you're hoping for. A BluePoint virtual office allows you to domiciliate your business address at a professional business center without having to rent a physical office. You can also establish your registered office or postal address with us. That gives your company image a strong boost.

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Virtual offices in these locations

Renting a virtual office? Choose BluePoint

Renting a virtual office at BluePoint makes your work life more efficient in the blink of an eye. You make use of our business advantages but without the burden of a physical office. What can you count on with us?

  • A professional setting for receiving (potential) customers
  • A personal mailbox, with or without mail processing service
  • A monthly number of hours of free use of the coworking spaces
  • Renting meeting rooms and other on-site facilities
  • A professional appearance and image boost


A professional environment for your virtual office

You no longer have to receive customers in an informal setting such as your living room but in the professional environment of our business center. By linking your business address to BluePoint, you give yourself and your company a big image boost. The professional look-and-feel radiates directly to your company. You can be sure that your customers will be impressed!

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Make use of our on-site facilities

When you rent virtual office space at BluePoint, you can use an extensive range of facilities.

  • Pick up your mail yourself or have your mail processed by us at an additional cost.
  • Work with a credit system and get a few hours of free access to the coworking spaces per month.
  • Make advantageous use of the meeting rooms, including the catering services
  • Park your car directly at the business center
  • On-site technical support
  • Start networking in our equipped relaxation areas

BluePoint is therefore more just a professional business address. It is a full-service virtual workplace where you meet like-minded people and receive all your customers efficiently.

How does it work?

Renting a virtual office at BluePoint is done via an annual contract. Advance invoices are sent out quarterly. To register your business address with BluePoint, we ask for several documents:

  • Name of the company, with company registration number
  • The identity papers of the managing director
  • The deed of incorporation of your company
  • Proof of a healthy financial situation of the company

If you take a registered office, you are eligible for special discounts for other services. BluePoint also organizes interesting community events. These are free and cover a wide range of topics. As a tenant of a virtual office, you are welcome to these events. It's the perfect place to network.

Never welcome customers in the informal setting of your own home again, but make the first impression with the professional appearance of your virtual office!

Feel free to knock on BluePoint's door. We tell you all about the procedure, the benefits, and all the on-site services. See you soon!