Looking for a professional video studio to achieve your creative ambitions?

Discover BluePoint's audiovisual studio: a large 70m² greenkey cyclorama equipped with 5 motorised HD/4K cameras, tailor made lighting and a ultra professional audio system, all operated from a separate control room.

Whether you want to broadcast an online showcase, record a video podcast or a corporate video, the BluePoint studio offers endless creative possibilities. 

Are you looking for a studio with professional lighting but want to keep your own recording equipment and technical staff? Then you have also found the right place!

We have three video technologies at our disposal:



Video capture

Video recording in a professional studio will ensure that the quality of your creative projects improves in all aspects: professional image and sound recording, atmospheric lighting in perfect harmony with the filmed scenes, adapted décor and furniture, and addition of inserts and jingles for a better rhythm and viewer attraction, ...

The final result of your productions will be comparable to one of a TV studio.

Easily record your keynotes, debates, interviews and other live events thanks to the cutting-edge professional technology at BluePoint Brussels' studio.


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2D sets with a greenkey overlay

Widely used by video professionals, green screen keying adds an extra touch to your video productions. You then enjoy a fully personalised background. The '2D screen keying overlay' technique consists of placing the recorded image on a digital background. Images, logos, video clips, infographics and other animations can be added to your presentations, showcases or live streams, giving them more depth and a more professional look.

Want to harness the potential of this technology for your next production?

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greenkey recording studio

greenkey recording studio

Dynamic 3D environment

One of the great advantages of a greenkey studio is that you are not limited to 2D productions. Imagine a world completely designed in a tailor made 3D environment, in which your speakers can move around and your viewers can immerse in the show. This is what the technology, known as '3D reality scene' allows you.

The 5 high-definition 4K cameras along the stage are motorised to provide the dynamics of the recording. Different 3D sets in Unreal or Aximmetry design offer countless possibilities to personalise and differentiate your recording. Our engineers will guide you throughout the creative process, which requires a lot of skills.

Are you ready to provide your viewers with a unique audiovisual experience ?

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The benefits of a video studio for online events

Hiring a professional video capture studio takes your online event to the next level:

  • The number of participants in an online event is unlimited. You can easily reach a much larger audience than with a physical event.
  • You maintain real-time interaction with viewers via chat, special messages or a 'poll' module.
  • An online event is more sustainable and environmentally friendly as participants do not have to travel to the venue.
  • The recording studio can be deployed quickly. You do not have to waste time building up and breaking down.
  • You receive a recording of the production and can easily reuse it as content for your social network channels and website.
greenkey recording studio
greenkey recording studio

BluePoint's practical approach

Not sure where to start? No worries, we are happy to help you develop a dynamic design and configuration based on your briefing. So you don't have to start from scratch. We will use the material to create your corporate identity if you have a large library of graphics at your disposal.

Do you want to be even more special?

We develop an appropriate high-tech set for you. During the rehearsal, we make the final adjustments. Once the live stream has started, our tech team takes care of the entire production.

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