Themed decoration & entertainment

Thanks to the wide range of rooms with different capacities, BluePoint is an ideal location for all kinds of events. However, some events are only fully successful if you provide the right decorations and atmosphere. At BluePoint, you can leave these tasks in the hands of the event experts.

They do think of everything. Suitable furniture, flower and plant decorations, mood lighting, background music, and even a DJ or live band. Menus and signs are prepared down to the smallest detail so that they reflect your corporate identity and BluePoint also takes care of the entertainment: an artist, a magician, hostesses, or hosts with appropriate uniforms. Our team will look for what is needed for your event and think of details as 'icing on the cake'. For participants, these details can make the difference between an ordinary event and an unforgettable one. So feel free to call on the creativity of the BluePoint events team.

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