Renting a room in Brussels takes just 3 steps

Want to hire a room in Brussels for your event? From professional activities like meetings and conferences to private events like anniversaries and weddings: BluePoint is definitely worth considering. The modern business centre has more than 20 rooms available, with the cherry on the cake being a cosy terrace with garden. And all that in a sustainable, trendy environment. The perfect place for every event. We bet you will find something to your liking!

3 things to bear in mind when hiring a room in Brussels

Renting a room in Brussels isnt’ done rashly. There are a huge range of venues on the market. The trick is to find a room that's perfectly suited to your event. That takes some thinking and comparing. So make it a lot easier on yourself and keep the following three points in mind during your search.

meeting room BluePoint Brussels

1. Type of event

The first step is to decide what type of event you want to organise. Are you organising an extensive staff party for more than a hundred people or are you planning a meeting for a small group? Or perhaps you are broadcasting a webinar that dozens of people can follow virtually. Whatever event you have in mind, renting a suitable room is a must.

At BluePoint, you will find rooms that provide added value for many events. Are you looking for a meeting room in Brussels, a location for a private party or even a professional recording studio for your webinar? You want it, we got it!

 2. The venue

A second important factor when hiring a room in Brussels is the location. Good accessibility is essential, especially when you're planning a major event. Keep in mind that the location is not only accessible for cars, but that many people choose to come by train, tram or bus. So be sure to check if there are such connections in the vicinity of the location.

BluePoint Brussels has an ideal location:

  • Easy to reach by car

  • Railway stations in the centre of Brussels with tram and bus connections to the business complex

  • Zaventem airport is a 15-minute drive away. Ideal for an event with international guests.

Thanks to the underground car park, both you and your car will stay dry. With 300 parking spaces available, and even electrical charging stations, there is more than enough room for all your guests.

3. Support 

Decided which event you are going to organize? And where it will take place? Then it's time for the final consideration when you rent a room in Brussels: on-site assistance. Because during your event, you're bound to need (technical) support.

  • Check whether the venue has an event planner available. They will take care of the logistics of your event, leaving you free to focus on its content. A venue that has all the audio and video equipment ready for you and where you can count on technological assistance is very useful.

  • For a recording in a green key studio, such a support team is always useful. They help you with the recording, they know all about lighting, transitions, adding extras such as polls or surveys, and so on. If you do not have this knowledge, then be sure to get advice from a team of experts.

  • Does your event last a whole day? Then at some point the bellies of your participants will start to rumble. You can hire a caterer, but a venue that offers an in-house catering service will make things just that little bit easier, won't it?

Is BluePoint high on your list of suitable venues in Brussels? Then get in touch with a BluePoint event expert. Together they will discuss the possibilities and your expectations. Feel free to make an appointment at or contact us at +32 2 706 88 00.