A product launch is the apotheosis of all your hard work. You have put an endless amount of time and energy into the development of a new product or service. Finally, the kick-off has arrived and you want to share your gem with the world. How? With many bells and whistles, but preferably most professionally and tastefully possible. Let that be BluePoint's task. Come and visit us and discover how we can put your product in the spotlight.


A product launch where the sparks fly

During a product launch, all eyes are on your product. That's why we at BluePoint help you to literally and figuratively highlight the best side of it. Because not only do we provide the necessary lighting and audiovisual equipment, but as experienced event planners we guide and advise you in the planning with an appropriate kick-off concept.


Discover our product launch and kick-off locations

Kick-off in an impressive setting

A brilliant new product or service deserves an equally brilliant kick-off. Let's take care of that together! The first step? Finding the perfect room. At BluePoint, that's how it's done. Our rooms are modular and offer a solution for events of different capacities: from small and intimate to spectacular and grand.

The technological dots on the i's

When the ideal location is pinned down, it's time to plan your product launch or kick-off. We leave its content to you, but for the practical side, you can count on our facilities. Thanks to professional lighting equipment, cameras, microphones, LED screens, and inviting rooms, we put your product or service in the spotlight with great flair. Trust us, launching a product or organizing a kick-off event has never been easier.

conference room

Networking after a product launch or kick-off

Would you like to enjoy a networking moment after the launch to answer additional questions from your guests and/or make new connections? BluePoint offers you a suitable reception room and a delicious and efficient catering service. The tasty and varied appetizers or buffet formulas prepared by our chefs  provide the final touch to your event

Ready to organise a memorable event for your product launch? Come and visit one of our BluePoint conference centres to discuss the possibilities.