Podcast studio

Podcasts are on the rise! When you book the podcast recording studio in BluePoint Antwerp, not only do you get excellent sound quality but you can also record debates with 5 participants with professional equipment and there is always an expert nearby.

What can you find in our podcast studio 

  • Five connected microphones (handy for guest speakers!)
  • A very user-friendly mixing desk
  • The choice of several freely usable jingles
  • A simple toolkit for assembly
  • If desired: seamless guidance, from your idea to the result
Podcast studio BluePoint Antwerpen

If you prefer video recording, then BluePoint Brussels is the place to be. Next to a small self-service recording studio where you can record a video yourself in 5 easy steps, there is also a giant professional studio available with or without a green key environment for all your video productions and virtual events.