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3 must-haves for a successful staff party

Anyone who works in a company, large or small, will definitely agree: a sparkling staff party is always the highlight of the work year. Colleagues drink and chat among themselves. Pure enjoyment! But for those few employees who organize the party, it is often stressful. Booking a unique location, finding a caterer who provides good food or assessing live bands (because you might want to turn it into a nice dance party). What an organization!
Here are a few tips to make the job easier.


Essential elements that every staff party must have

The invitations are sent, the organization can really start now. Every company event has three must-haves: the location, the food and the entertainment. The combination of this trio makes or breaks your party. Focus on this and your party will undoubtedly be the talk of the town.


1. The location

With the staff party on its way, the search for an original party location begins. You browse the internet, compare a few venues and look at some photos. And you're in luck, because one of them catches your eye. It is probably very tempting to contact the venue right away and book it, but first, do arrange a site visit. Because appearances can be deceptive, and that also applies to beautiful party photos.

During your site visit, you will immediately see you can actually expect. Inspect the room and plan ahead: where will the stage, tables and chairs be? What decorations would be appropriate? How do I immediately enchant the employees when they enter the party? Is there a cloakroom? A brainstorming session with a team from the venue can be very enlightening.

Not only is the decoration of a room important, you also have to take the practical side into account. Whether the location is easily accessible and there are enough parking spaces, for example. Nobody wants to arrive at the party completely stressed out because they couldn't park their car, right?


2. The catering

Next on the list: food! Caterers offer formulas in all shapes, courses and quantities. The supply is overwhelming. So make a selection in advance of what you want exactly. Dinner at the table, with service or in buffet form? A walking dinner? Or rather a food truck? Barbecue, pasta, cold buffet, tapas... Are you already feeling the pressure? Choosing a venue with its own catering service will save you a lot of searching and comparing. And this way, you can fully concentrate on a tasty menu.

A staff party should be pleasant for everyone. So send out a survey to your colleagues in advance about their vegetarian/vegan eating habits and any food allergies. Make clear agreements about this with your caterer, so that everyone gets tasty, appropriate food on their plates.


3. The entertainment

All your guests have taken their seats and were well nourished. The party can begin! But how? Again, there are countless possibilities: a stand-up comedian, a magic show or circus act, silent disco or a casino night. Or how about a live band for a swinging party! One thing is certain: animation is indispensable. Do you feel the ground sinking beneath your feet? Then talk to the venue team about what is possible. Who knows, they might have some original tips for you.

The one person that should not be missing at your corporate event? The photographer, of course! He or she will capture the whole party and all your colleagues on film. Snapshots that everyone will look back on with pleasure.


Fancy a party?

Are you ready to organize an unforgettable staff party? There’s only one address for all your company events. Well, three actually, because you will find BluePoint venues in  Antwerp, Brussels and Liège.

What makes BluePoint so original and easy for your off-site company party? That’s an easy one: you will find everything under one roof. It is a great location, easy to reach and with plenty of parking space. The rooms have an ideal set-up, with appropriate decorations, furniture, light and sound effects. The in-house caterer with customized menus is also a nice bonus.

Because BluePoint is a one-stop-shop for your corporate event, there is no need to hire an external event planner. Our party expertise is already included in package. So sit back, relax and make an appointment via or +32 2 706 88 00.