Start-ups, growth companies, and self-employed people, all need a place to work. This can be their own office, but also a rented office or coworking space. The latter two are BluePoint's speciality. We jokingly call ourselves the hotel of the business world, but there's more truth in that than meets the eye. You can rent offices from us for the short, medium or long term. From your own private office or a coworking space to a virtual office. Whatever the work situation of your company, we have a suitable solution for it. Come and visit us in our business centers and discover the advantages of our offices.  


Renting an office at BluePoint

Every company is different and needs a different working environment. That is why BluePoint caters to everyone's needs. There are three types of rental formulas: a private office, a spot in the coworking space, and a virtual office.

  • The coworking spaces give you a more professional working environment than your own home. On the work floor and during our community events, you come into contact with other coworkers. Ideal for networking.
  • Do you prefer to rent a private office? We have those on offer at BluePoint. Our offices are fully equipped, all you have to do is bring your laptop.
  • Thanks to a virtual office, you only establish your company or postal address at BluePoint. Your business image gets an immediate boost thanks to the connection with our professional business center.

Renting an office or coworking at BluePoint

Renting an office as a small start-up or independent entrepreneur? At the BluePoint business center, you will find various options to suit your needs. From renting office space to a coworking space or a virtual office. What is certain is that you will never again have to receive clients in your living room. From now on, the professional setting of our business center will radiate through to your company. Good for your image and your way of working!

Renting an office at BluePoint

Renting an office at BluePoint will give your company a solid boost. Not only does it have a positive impact on your image, but also on the way you work. You can focus much more on the activities and growth of your company without having to worry about the logistics of renting an office. We take care of that for you. Moreover, your new office is fully equipped (e.g. wifi, printing services or technical support) and easily accessible.

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Share your workspace in our coworking space

Don't need an office all to yourself? We also have a suitable formula for you. At BluePoint, you will also find coworking spaces. You will be seated at your own workplace, among other entrepreneurs. This stimulates creativity and provides ample networking opportunities. Your coworking space is - just like your private office - ready to use and fully equipped technically. You only have to bring your laptop. Nice and easy!

Virtual office

Have you recently started up a company or, as an independent entrepreneur, do you no longer want to receive your clients and partner companies in your living room? Then a virtual office is an ideal solution. You can register your business address at another branch. At the BluePoint business center, for example. This professional setting will certainly benefit your company image. In addition, this rental formula also gives you monthly access to several hours of on-site facilities, such as meeting rooms.

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Our services

With an office or flex desk from BluePoint, you are always on the safe side. Productivity and efficiency are our goals. When you rent office space, you also get several professional extras. What do we offer?

  • Fully equipped office or coworking space, with fast wifi connection
  • Centralized reception desk
  • Mail handling and distribution
  • Assistance from our IT services
  • In-house printing services
  • Informal networking areas for contact with your coworkers
  • Access to meeting rooms and event spaces
  • Cleaning and maintenance of your office or workplace
  • Use of on-site dining facilities
  • Parking spaces and bicycle parking at the business center

Depending on the rental formula, you will receive a certain amount of credits per month for using the meeting rooms on an hourly basis. In addition, you can participate in our community events for free. Enough opportunities to network at BluePoint!

Are you interested in establishing your business in our business center with a private office, coworking space, or virtual office? Come and visit us at BluePoint! We will gladly convince you of our strengths and facilities and explain all the advantages of a lease. See you soon!