A dance party for your staff?  There's nothing like it to strengthen relationships! It's an opportunity to chat together with a drink in your hands in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying music. Want to make a splash? BluePoint offers you the perfect location to organize a memorable staff party! We offer you a complete package: a professional event space with all the technical equipment, custom catering service and even entertainment. All you have to do is enjoy!


Fancy a party?

Are you looking for a location for your company party? At BluePoint we are always looking forward to a party. That is why you will find all the necessities under one roof. We provide everything you need to make it an unforgettable staff party.

  • Various rooms for different capacities and types of company parties
  • Ample parking and a cloakroom
  • Decoration, furniture, and tips for animation
  • Sustainable in-house catering services with all kinds of goodies
  • Modern audiovisual equipment and technical support
  • Advice and assistance in the organization of your party 

Letting loose at BluePoint? We are already looking forward to it. Come and visit us and we will be happy to guide you through all the possibilities.

Staff party or corporate event locations

Want to organize an unforgettable company party? At BluePoint!

Celebrating a milestone, putting colleagues in the spotlight, or simply giving the working atmosphere a boost? Any reason is good to throw a party! Preferably in a beautiful location where everything is furnished to perfection. BluePoint is the one-stop shop for all your company parties. From rooms and decoration to catering and planning. You will find all the assets to make it a successful staff party.


Teambuilding and staff parties in a professional, unique location

Do you immediately think of a staff party at a company event? Rightly so, it is one of the best-known, most fun outings that a company organizes. But it can go much further than that. Just think of an anniversary, a retirement, a launch event, or even a real team building. Whatever company event you have in mind, BluePoint is equipped with it. Our rooms are widely applicable and offer space for different capacities. From modest and intimate to grand and spectacular. And all this without sacrificing professionalism.

teambuilding - personeelsfeest

Our services during your company party

The organization of a staff party or team building involves a lot of work. From the technical and practical side to the content of your event. BluePoint is your central contact person before, during, and after the event. All on-site employees are ready for you and your guests.

  • Well located, easily accessible location for your staff party
  • Enough parking spaces for all your guests
  • Spacious, fully equipped rooms for every type of event
  • Practical room setups
  • Audiovisual material with appropriate light and sound effects
  • A team of technical experts on site
  • Original decoration and furniture
  • Collaboration with external partners (DJ, photographer, entertainment)
  • Support during the organization of your corporate event

In short, for all aspects of an original staff party, you can come to BluePoint

Mouthwatering catering 

No food, no party! Admit it: the food is something that everyone is always eagerly looking forward to during a company party. It is a popular topic of conversation among colleagues afterwards. The catering had better be spot on. A walking dinner, a multi-course menu, or a food truck? Veggie, meat, or fish? To say that the supply is overwhelmingly large is an understatement. How do you make the best choice? BluePoint is happy to advise you. In doing so, we keep the concept of your event, the number of attendees, and any food allergies in mind.  Our in-house catering services then create varied dishes with local seasonal produce. Feast guaranteed!

Will you soon be responsible for organizing the staff party? Feel free to knock on BluePoint's door when you need a professional partner for the content and practical development of your event. Together we make an unforgettable party!