Are you looking for a suitable meeting location in the vicinity, but don't know where to start? Everyone knows that scenario. The options are often endless, especially in a big city like Brussels. Fortunately, we make it easy for you. Because BluePoint Brussels houses everything you are looking for under one roof. Our spaces are ideal for meetings large or small, brainstorming sessions, pitches, and workshops. Thanks to the optimal incidence of light, the comfortable furnishings, and the presence of professional sound material, you will never run into problems. Efficient and thoroughly tailored to your needs!


Meeting rooms in Brussels, at a stone's throw from the airport

Finding a meeting room in Brussels that meets all your needs? You can contact BluePoint for that. This meeting location has a wide range of rooms with various capacities. If you choose BluePoint Brussels, you choose unique meetings with the following facilities:

  • Natural daylight, air conditioning, water, notebooks, and pens
  • A professional audiovisual installation, digital flipcharts, and other useful tools
  • Comfortable furniture for a flexible room layout
  • Finger-licking-house catering
  • On-site assistance
workshop bluepoint brussel

Easy access

In addition to being practical, a meeting room must also be easily accessible to all parties.

  • Our event location is located in the Outskirts of Brussels, near the airport. Very convenient for your international guests!
  • We are easy to reach by car, but also by tram, train or bus
  • Those who come by car use our underground parking. Capacity: 300 places

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