Mail delivery & print shop

You can enjoy mail distribution services in all three BluePoint buildings. Incoming mail is distributed in the building by BluePoint employees. To receive registered mail, simply give BluePoint a contractual power of attorney. Outgoing mail can also be processed by BluePoint. If you choose to have a virtual office at BluePoint, BluePoint employees can open mail for you, scan it and send it to you by email, subject to a specific agreement. Providing service is our mission!

When you rent an office from BluePoint, you can enjoy network printer services in addition to IT & phone services.  BluePoint maintains the necessary contracts and takes care of general maintenance. So you only pay for the number of prints or scans you need and don't have to buy or move a printer yourself. At BluePoint Brussels there is even a Printshop in the building, where you can realize all possible print jobs (badges, brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.). Smaller print quantities are printed in-house, and larger print runs outside.

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