An online event is trendy, modern, easy, and efficient. You are not dependent on the weather, the number of participants, or the meeting room. BluePoint Antwerp is happy to help you with its organization. From devising the concept to the audiovisual installations and live stream software. We support you from start to finish, so you only have to focus on the content of your event.


BluePoint Antwerp broadcasts all your online events directly

Looking for a professional partner to stream your online event? BluePoint Antwerp has all the assets for it: the equipment, the live streaming software, and the technical support.

  • A fixed camera or several cameras as well as technical assistance for the recording
  • A web page in your corporate identity, public or password protected
  • Live broadcast via the BluePoint livestream platform
  • Presentations can be followed live via the website
  • A recording to watch the event delayed 
livestreaming bluepoint antwerpen

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