Video conference

Discover videoconference solutions at BluePoint Liège

The organization of a video conference in one of our meeting rooms lets people join your meeting at distance.

Videoconferencing at BluePoint has multiple benefits, such as:

  • Your contacts can use their own communication tools (smartphones, tablets, laptops)
  • We take care of the installation of the equipment
  • You can share screens and exchange data via the connection
  • Our in-house technicians remain available when needed

Rate: €250 excl. VAT

bleupoint luik video conference

bleupoint luik streaming

Live streaming

Reach a bigger audience by live-streaming your event

BluePoint gives the opportunity to broadcast your presentation via live-streaming. You will benefit from the following:

  • We provide you with a fixed camera and technical direction/assistance
  • BluePoint creates a webpage, public or secured with a password, in your company's style
  • On the website, all your speaker’s presentations and slides can be distributed in real time
  • Upon request, the recording remains accessible for your audience to watch it afterwards.

 Rate: € 2.000 excl. VAT

Event application

Use a personalized event app for better interactivity

Thanks to our application for smartphone, tablet and pc, you can use your own event app at an attractive rate (€7,50 excl. VAT per participant). The app integrates the following features:

  • The event program
  • The list of participants
  • The speakers and their biography
  • Organize quick meetings
  • Networking
  • Share opinions via live-voting
  • Floorplans & interactive map of meeting rooms and the exhibitors

These points help increase participants' interactivity, all in one app.

bleupoint luik eventapp

bleupoint luik other tools

Other tools

BluePoint Liège offers many other smart tools:

  • High quality projector or a HD LED screen
    Wireless presentation connections (Barco click-share technology)
    Digital flipchart (SmartKapp)

  • Sound systems granting perfect acoustics and controlling
    Microphones, laptops, screens and translation booths
    Crowd beamer (offers to instantly share your presentation via an app) and Catch Box microphone (entertaining device for Q&A's)

  • Humanoid robot named Blue and the HoloLens, offering a unique welcome to your guests


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