IT & telephony

BluePoint has recently invested in high-speed Iron Wi-Fi technology. All three buildings are connected with this technology. As a tenant at BluePoint, you can enjoy this high-performance infrastructure without having to invest in an IT network yourself. The general network allows you to set up your private network, with full security and backup. Because the network is available everywhere in the building, you have access everywhere, even in the meeting rooms, the restaurant, and the garden/terrace. Working mobile has never been easier. At BluePoint, the slogan 'plug & play' really applies when you are looking for an office or coworking space.

In addition to IT connectivity, you can also opt for a VOIP phone solution at BluePoint. This also allows you to use fixed phones where necessary and is accompanied by user-friendly software.  Unburdening customers, that's what we like to do at BluePoint.

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