With hybrid meetings, you combine the best of both worlds: the personal touch of a physical meeting and the efficiency of an online event. Unsurprisingly, companies and event planners are increasingly hosting hybrid and virtual events. BluePoint is happy to help you with this. Thanks to our supportive team of experts and numerous investments in modern technology and equipment, organizing a hybrid meeting is child's play. Come and discover our hybrid assets in the BluePoint conference center!


What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is a combination of a physical event and an online event.  Part of the target group is present at the location. The target group that is not physically present follows the event via a live stream on a web page. Then they see the speakers and slides appear. To maintain interaction with your online audience, a moderator manages the chat or mailbox. A hybrid event not only increases your target group but is also the ideal solution when the distance between participants must be respected.

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Our hybrid meeting venues

BluePoint's hybrid assets

Organize a hybrid meeting? You can do this without any problems at BluePoint thanks to our strong assets:

  • Professional meeting rooms with projectors, AV equipment, and HD LED screens
  • Live streaming platform for recording and broadcasting events
  • Personalized web page for the online audience
  • Fully equipped green key studio
  • Cameras and microphones
  • Technical team for on-site management/assistance
  • Hybrid meeting recording

A hybrid meeting at BluePoint

Hybrid meetings and other virtual business events are becoming an integral part of a work or company culture. We know that all too well at BluePoint. We, therefore, provide all the necessary facilities so that you can easily bring your event to the online screen, whether that is live or virtual.


A hybrid meeting or completely virtual?

Is your physical meeting unexpectedly cancelled? No problem, at BluePoint we provide the solution! Thanks to our infrastructure, we will switch to a hybrid conference or even a completely virtual event. This way you reach a larger audience at the same time and you allow all participants to be there. For your hybrid meeting, you use the necessary high-tech equipment: live streaming software for recording and broadcasting the meeting, cameras, and microphones, projectors, HD LED screens and other audiovisual equipment.

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Interacting during a hybrid meeting

The approach of a hybrid meeting cannot be compared to that of a physical event. The dynamics of the audience are completely different. That is why we provide some extras to maintain the interaction with the online participants during such a hybrid event. 

  • There is a chat and mailbox that the moderator manages.
  • A web form offers viewers the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.
  • The online audience can vote via a polling module with multiple-choice questions.
  • A live Twitter feed can be added to the embed page.

At BluePoint you will find the location, equipment, and support to make your hybrid event a success. Our team is ready to assist you with advice and deeds. Before, during, and after your event. See you soon!