Are you looking for a greenkey recording studio?

BluePoint offers you one of the largest greenkey production studios in Brussels. 

We provide you with a state-of-the-art infrastructure for the
recording and/or broadcasting of your:

  • Events
  • Webinars
  • Interviews
  • Debates
  • Keynotes
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Corporate videos
  • Advertising spots

 In a word, all your video projects! 

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The studio is equipped with professional sound, video and lighting equipment to meet all your digital production expectations.  It is completed by a control room, a dressing room and a lounge area.  We will guide you and advise you through the entire production so that you can focus on the content. 
The studio is fully equipped and ready to shoot! 

Our approach

  • Pre-production

    - BluePoint will assist you to develop the concept and the dynamic set-up based on your briefing.

    - We will also advise you on the conduct of the event (intro, insert with speakers' names, bumper, outro, music, jingle, ...)

    - We provide you with a library of basic virtual sets that can be customized with your company's colors.
    In order to optimize your marketing strategy, a customized set at the cutting edge of technology can be developed for an additional cost. The cameras are tracked to guarantee an optimal result. This will allow you to improve your notoriety, maximize your reputation and differentiate yourself.

    - We also analyse with you the needs of furniture in order to be coherent with your briefing.

    - A detailed script is shared with our production team in order to to guarantee an optimal process of the recording. We provide you with the basic script template.

    - Technical planning and a rehearsal are essential for the smooth running of your production.

    - Various catering options are available for your guests and shooting teams.

    - Interpretation can also be managed by BluePoint if necessary

  • Production

    - The studio is equipped with a 70m² stage and includes a dressing room and a lounge area.

    - The high speed internet connection guarantees you an optimal result.

    - The technical team will adapt the script following  the rehearsal and according to your needs.

  • Post-Production

    -The recording can be send in various formats: ProRes HQ QuickTime, ProRes 422 QuickTime, ProRes LT.
    QuickTime for all formats up to 4320p60.
    H.265 High, H.265 Medium, H.265 Low for all progressive formats up to 4320p60.


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Studio features

  • 100 m² studio

  • 70 m² stage

  • Green key background or black or white backdrop

  • Acoustic panels and sound insulation on the floor

  • 1 dressing room

  • 1 lounge area

  • Several sets of furniture available : lectern, chairs, low tables, high stools and tables.

  • Download the technical sheet