We are never too old to learn. Even after our days in college, or having 30 years of experience, there is still a lot to learn about our own industry and way of working. The industries change quickly, and we have to change with them. Even our way of teaching and learning needs improvement. Because how could you teach a new method, while using an old one?

With the summer around the corner a BBQ event could be an ideal occasion to bring your team together and or to strengthen relationships with clients and prospects. Organizing a BBQ event in the name of your company will grant you instant success!

Have you ever heard of Ted-x of ‘inspirational talks’? Read all about it in this blogpost!

Hackathon is the contraction of the words "Hacker" and "Marathon". The purpose of a Hackathon is to decode a computer system as quickly as possible. This type of event, which originated in the United States in the 1990s, has evolved over time and spread to other sectors with different purposes.

Summer is finally coming and as soon as the sun is shining everyone longs for the outdoors! Why not use outdoor facilities for your next event?
Discover in this article the benefits of organizing an outdoor event and what you should keep in mind...


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