The large offer of event venues nowadays does not make it easier to choose the right location for an event.

Many venue finder websites like, and can definitely help in making the first selection, but how do you know which location is the most suitable for your event, your company and your goals?

Our preferred way of working has changed rapidly over the past few years, mainly due to technology. Therefore, more and more employees have developed a need for a more modern work environment instead of a standard office. The answer to this need, is Co-working.

The surprising business & conference center does not only welcome your events in its extraordinary facilities, but also gives you the opportunity to attend high-class, tailor-made events to develop and maintain your business relations.

Until January 2019, BluePoint Brussels is surrounded by roadworks. However, it is still possible to access our building. With the help of the image and video in this article, we explain how.

Bluepoint's website has been updated, which gives us the perfect opportunity to welcome you to the new Blog section. On this blog, we will share interesting facts and developments in the fields of technology, events, and the work environment. 


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