Summer is finally coming and as soon as the sun is shining everyone longs for the outdoors! Why not use outdoor facilities for your next event?
Discover in this article the benefits of organizing an outdoor event and what you should keep in mind...

Although live streaming has now become an accessible tool to everyone with the evolution of telecommunications devices and social networks, the success of your recording, in terms of content and quality, is still a challenge!

Solar Team, a young and ambitious Belgian company...

Are you organising a professional event for which you have to give a presentation and look for innovations to captivate your audience's attention? Then you may be interested in this article.

When organising an event, you want your guests to have a great experience. However, this can sometimes be quite difficult when you’re on a strict budget. Luckily, there are multiple ways of keeping the costs to a minimum without reducing the fun; here are 3 tips to save money!


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