Once a year, it is compulsory for stakeholders to be informed about the past financial year. This is done in a general or statutory meeting. Ideally, you should organize this meeting in a professional location where all your guests can be seated comfortably. BluePoint has everything to make it as pleasant as possible for you and your guests during the long meeting. Think of spacious rooms, comfortable furniture, projection and presentation material, translation booths, connections with translators, and event catering. Drop by our business center and discover all our assets!


At BluePoint, you kill not two, but three birds with one stone.

For your general or statutory meeting, we offer spacious, professional rooms, high-quality audiovisual equipment, and the necessary technical support in one location.

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General and statutory meetings venues

Our strengths

  • Easy to reach location with sufficient parking space
  • Rooms can be adapted according to the number of participants
  • Various room set-ups such as u-shape and theatre set-ups
  • Presentation equipment such as HD LED screens, laser pointers, projectors and wireless microphones
  • Wireless table microphones and headphones
  • Translation booths (with or without translators via BluePoint)
  • Voting systems
  • Livestreaming software for online and hybrid meetings
  • Tasty catering for in between or afterwards

Want a professional approach to your meeting? Come to the BluePoint business centers and discover how we can make your general or statutory meeting a success.


General and statutory meetings at BluePoint

A statutory or general meeting is the mother of all meetings. The shareholders of companies and associations meet at least once a year to make decisions. On the approval of the annual accounts, for example. In short, it is the most important business meeting. When you organize such a meeting, you want everything to run smoothly. From the location and technical side to even the catering. No stress, BluePoint is the business center of excellence to host your general and statutory meetings.

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An easy-to-reach location

BluePoint's business centers are located in Antwerp, Brussels, and Liège. Each location is easily accessible by car, public transport, and even bike. Parking spaces are abundant (either underground or in front of the venues) and, with sustainability in mind, there are electric charging stations as well as a covered bicycle shed. Rest assured, thanks to the good location all members can get to the meeting.

Modern rooms for a productive statutory meeting

BluePoint is a highly professional setting, ideal for all your statutory and general meetings. Each location has spacious, modern rooms. Whether you invite many or few stakeholders, you are sure to find a room that meets your needs. Moreover, various room set-ups are possible, for maximum interaction. Just think of the u-shape or theatre arrangement. To further stimulate the productivity of the meeting, our rooms are bathed in natural daylight and the temperature is regulated by air conditioning and heating. Finally, each room is equipped with comfortable furniture. This makes the meeting a lot more pleasant in itself.

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The technical facilities

Your meeting will only run smoothly if the technology goes along with it. That is why a whole team of technical experts is at your disposal. You can count on their support during the set-up and during your meeting itself. A hitch will be solved quickly so that you can continue your presentation without any problems. Furthermore, all rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment:

  • HD LED screens with projectors
  • Wireless Barco ClickShare technology and digital flipcharts
  • Laser pointers or remote control
  • Clip-on microphones
  • Fast internet connection
  • Wireless table microphones and headphones
  • Voting system
  • Translation booths

Do you need translators for your general or statutory meeting? Call on BluePoint's connections. We will gladly put you in contact with a few good translators. Of course, you are also free to bring your translators to our locations.

Tasty extras during the general meeting

Important business meetings such as general or statutory meetings require a lot of (mental) energy. Give your participants a tasty boost and they will be up to speed again. BluePoint makes it easy for you because each of our business centers has its catering service. Whether it's a snack in between, a midday meal, or a drink afterwards, our caterers will take care of every dish down to the last detail.

A location for your general or statutory meeting? Come to BluePoint and let yourself be convinced by the professionalism of our business centers and all-around approach. See you soon!