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Discover  the Live Streaming options 
at BluePoint Venues!

Use live streaming for online or hybrid events.

How does it work?

  • Our live streaming platform is a modular software solution for recording and live broadcasting presentations, conferences and other events in high quality.
  • Via a camera, the images are captured and sent. Via a web interface they are adjusted for broadcasting together with sound and slides.
  • The live viewer gets to see a web page in the corporate identity of your organization. (PC, laptop or tablet)

Which are the interactive features?

Thanks to interactive modules, the involvement of the viewer can be increased.

  • Questions and comments: a web form allows the viewer to ask questions to the speakers. The questions can be moderated by an employee of the organization, or can be published automatically so that they are visible to the other viewers.
  • Twitter wall: a live Twitter feed can be added to the embed page.
  • Voting: online viewers can be queried via a polling module during the live broadcast (multiple choice questions).

What are the advantages ?

  • Increased event audience (online in addition to live participants).
  • Safe environment for attendees who prefer to follow an event remotely.
  • Real-time interaction with viewers.
  • Advertising/sponsorship exposure.
  • Postponed viewing  via the archive images of the platform itself with streamed images per subject/speaker.
  • Cost effectiveness: invite just your speakers on site and a part of the audience.  Other target audiences can follow remotely.

Our offer!

  • We provide you with a fixed camera and technical direction/assistance.
  • BluePoint creates a personalized webpage, public or secured with a password, in your company's style with your company's logo and colours.
  • The layout of the image can be organized in different ways: for example, speaker on the right side of the screen, presentation on the left side or vice versa and even a 'picture in picture' presentation is possible.
  • Image, sound and slides are synchronized by the streaming platform.
  • The camera can  zoom in on the speaker , however, the slides and their size remain unchanged.
  • On the webpage all your speaker’s presentations and slides are distributed in real time.
  • The recording remains accessible for your audience to watch the event delayed.

Your investment!

Package price basic streaming (per day) includes:

  • Rental price of camera (video recording speaker)
  • Rental price of audio set (audio recording speaker)
  • Rental price of 'streaming' material for simultaneous playback of the speaker's video and audio signal and his/her presentation
  • Technician on site
  • Transport and installation equipment
  • Personalized webpage, password protected if needed
  • Maximum 250 simultaneous streams

Price : 2.500 EUR

Supplement streaming version PRO : 1.500 EUR

  • Rental price of a second camera (capture of a speakers panel and/or participants)
  • Rental price of video direction for video mixing
  • 2nd Technician on site

For more info: marketing@bluepoint.be or +32 2 706 88 00.

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