Looking for an office space for your company? With BluePoint you are always in the right place. Whether you are a small or medium-sized company, we have offices for everyone's needs. Our business centers are professional, modern, and fully technologically equipped. That reflects on your company image. What is the biggest advantage of renting an office at BluePoint? We handle the logistics side, so you only have to focus on your own company. Working productively, efficiently, and fun!

Rent an office at BluePoint

Are you a small or medium-sized company looking for an office to rent? BluePoint has something for everyone. Either you take a seat in an office, on the coworking floor, or you opt for a completely private office on a separate floor of the building. In addition, you not only have access to your own private space but also to the network, meeting, and relaxation areas. Our office solutions are fully equipped and furnished and are available under flexible conditions.

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Rent an office at these locations

Office for rent in the BluePoint business centers

Need an inspiring workplace full of energy? Your search for an office space stops here. BluePoint has several offices for rent. Modern, fully-equipped spaces, where you can let your business creativity bubble. Curious about the office spaces we have in store for you? Visit our business centers, we look forward to meeting you.


Our inspiring office spaces

An office space with all the trimmings? You can find it at BluePoint. We rent out modern, efficient office spaces in our three business centers in Antwerp, Brussels, and Liege. Each location is easily accessible by car, public transport, and even by bike. In our ready-to-move-in, full-service offices, you can continue to build on the growth of your company without any worries. We provide everything you need to make it a success. What can you expect from us?

  • A completely private office in the building or an office on the coworking floor
  • Fully equipped and furnished ready-to-use offices 
  • Customized office layout and space planning are possible
  • Access to the IT network and printing facilities
  • On-site facilities: reception, print shop, meeting rooms, restaurants & catering facilities


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Logistics and facility services

When you rent an office at BluePoint, we try to make it as easy as possible for you. There is already enough involved in running a business. That is why we take care of the logistical side of it all. This way you focus on the growth of your company day in and day out, without distractions. What exactly do we take care of? We are responsible for the support and maintenance of the office, for example, but also the reception, printing services, and mail delivery. It's the little things that make your work life a lot more enjoyable.

Rent an office space and get access to the business center

Anyone who rents office space from BluePoint gets access to the facilities of the business center at preferential rates. By that, we mean, among other things, the company restaurant (we all have to eat, right?), but it goes much further than that. BluePoint is a business and conference center. Our buildings are equipped with modern, spacious meeting rooms. These are fully modular depending on the size of your event. In addition, all rooms are equipped with professional audiovisual material and there is a team on site that provides you with technical assistance before and during your event. Even when you organize a fully online event, you can rely on our technical services. Receiving and entertaining guests has never been easier!

Are you interested in renting an office at BluePoint? Contact us, we will be happy to show you around our business center.