Coworking at BluePoint 

Delivering optimal work every day is not easy. Did you know that your workplace plays a crucial role in this? To boost your productivity, it's best to get started in an environment that fully supports your qualities. Where can you find such an environment, you ask? In the buildings of BluePoint, of course.


A productive workplace for you and your colleagues


If you want to be productive, you must first and foremost be able to use an ergonomic desk and chair. They stimulate a healthy posture, all day long. But, of course, you need more than that to perform. A good Wi-Fi connection, high-quality video and sound installations, and sufficient (natural) light should not be overlooked. In addition, a private space where you can put your thoughts in a row or hold a meeting is not a superfluous luxury. Let that be the golden combination that you will find in our workspaces. Add some cool coworkers to the mix and your success story is complete!

coworking space

Coworking at these locations

Rent a coworking space in one of our venues

Are you, as a self-employed person or start-up, still looking for a coworking space that bundles all these qualities for you? Then BluePoint is your one-stop shop. Our workspaces in Brussels and Antwerp welcome you and your team with open arms. We do everything we can to make your work experience as inspiring and productive as possible. Whether you come alone, with a few colleagues, or with a customer, we are ready for you. The only thing you have to provide is your laptop. 

coworking space
coworking space

A BluePoint coworking space is:

  • Easily accessible, both by car and public transport. Are you coming by car? Then leave it in complete safety in the parking lot.
  • Equipped with everything you need. Ergonomic design, modern technology, fast Wi-Fi, flex desks, and private spaces.
  • Comfortable: think of the coffee corner, catering services, automatic heating and air conditioning, sufficient daylight, and even outside spaces for sunny days.
  • No hassle. Enjoy our IT support, mail sorting & distribution and our printers and scanners to your heart's content.