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Safety measures Covid-19 at BluePoint:

In order to ensure that your visit, your meeting or your event at BluePoint takes place in a safe way and to comply with the provisions for health risk management, there are a number of requirements that you should take into account when visiting our buildings:

  • Mouth mask: the wearing of a mouth mask is mandatory at BluePoint.
  • If you cannot wear a mask or any fabric alternative due to medical reasons, you may use a face shield.
  • Wash and/or disinfect your hands sufficiently: good hand hygiene is important. We therefore ask you to disinfect your hands before entering the building. At the various entry points, there are several totems and/or alcohol gel dispensers to disinfect your hands.  Also wash your hands thoroughly after visiting the toilet.
  • Toilet visit: the number of people in the toilet area is limited and is indicated before you enter the area. The toilets and other sensitive areas such as handles, are regularly cleaned and disinfected by our team.
  • Access to the building and meeting rooms: visitors must report to the reception desk before going into the rooms. It is also important to take into account the social distancing rules. Follow the circulation plan (signs, posters and floor markings). You can enter the BluePoint building through the main entrance or the car park.
  • Keep your distance: only take the lift with a maximum of two people and keep your distance in the corridors between other visitors.
  • Own material: we advise you to bring as few possessions as possible.
  • Ventilation system: the ventilation systems in our building refreshs the air with fresh outside air and does not reuse the air.
  • Surface disinfection: We regularly disinfect surfaces that are touched frequently. (Elevators, door handles, etc.)


When is it better to stay at home?  

  • Symptoms of illness: if you do not feel well or have a fever, you should definitely stay at home. By doing so, you protect yourself, the other visitors and our staff. If you have had COVID-19 symptoms in the seven days prior to your visit, we kindly ask you to stay at home.
  • Quarantine: Do you have to stay in quarantine because of a decision of the authorities (after travelling in a red zone, contact with an infected person, etc.)? Then we kindly ask you to stay at home.
  • Contact Tracing: in the context of contact tracing, we ask every event organiser to keep an attendance register of visitors and employees and to inform BluePoint of any cases where a potentially infected person was present. If the contact tracing centre asks us to share the details of a particular event, we can hand them over.  However we only share the contact details with your permission.


BluePoint is there for you!

For their own and your safety, our employees wear mouth masks and strictly follow all guidelines.

If you wish to organise an event or a conference, we will analyse your needs and guarantee the safety and health of every visitor. If a live meeting is not possible, we will help you with digital solutions.

See you soon at our locations in Brussels, Antwerp and Liège!

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