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Telecommuting is the future of work

In the modern business world, an increasing trend is having employees telecommute instead of physically work in the same office space. However, your customers may still prefer to have an address where they can reach you. That’s why many businesses choose to rent a virtual office space. A virtual office allows your employees to work from home over the internet and you can provide a registered address where you can welcome your customers if needed. In Brussels but also in Liège and Antwerp, you can rent a virtual office at one of the BluePoint Business centres. Discover the advantages of renting a virtual office at a BluePoint and learn about your benefits and the services which BluePoint provided.

bluepoint brussels virtual offices

bluepoint brussels virtual offices renting

Benefits of renting a virtual office

Renting a virtual office for your business at BluePoint & conference & business center comes with several benefits. You will receive a business address where you can receive important mail and meet your customers without the expense of a permanent office space. Other benefits include the use of co-working spaces and meeting rooms at the venue where you address is registered. Ideal if you have to physically meet with your employees and or customers on specific days. Virtual office spaces at BluePoint Brussels, Liège or Antwerp is a convenient solution. Ask BluePoint about virtual office services Smaller businesses which do not (yet) need a full traditional office space should consider the solution of renting a virtual office space at a BluePoint business center. Contact a BluePoint employee so that you can tell you more about the virtual office services, as well as other options for co-working spasec, serviced offices and tailor made office space.


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