Great presentations
at BluePoint Brussels

The success of an event depends more and more on the quality of the presentation. Choosing the right equipment becomes therefore more and more crucial. BluePoint Brussels reliable audio-visual experts can guide you through all your business events and meetings.

No more worries about presentations which don’t work well, since BluePoint Brussels is proud of its state-of the art technological equipment.
BluePoint Brussels conference center provides many solutions for successful business events: click-share technology, video conference systems, life event transmission on the internet are just a few of the advantages of the Brussels venue. Get in touch with the team and learn more about BluePoints event solutions for big events such as conferences and congresses and smaller business meetings in Brussels.


bluepoint planning events

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Excellent event catering
to impress your guests

What you should definitely consider is that next to an impressive presentation your guests often have very high expectations for the catering during the networking part of your event. BluePoint Brussels conference center’s offers exquisite catering for events which will not disappoint you.
A very creative in-house event catering team in BluePoint Brussels comes up with ideas for every type of event.

Next to various classic suggestions for meetings BluePoint’s catering department can cater on a tailor made basis and according to your exact event needs: for a certain theme, should it be standing-up of should it be rather formal, tell us about your requirements for every company event and let BluePoint Brussels be a part of your event’s success. BluePoint Brussels two in-house restaurants (business & self-service) are additional assets of the building for meeting participants and tenants.

BluePoint Brussels event organization services

Very often the event organization and planning takes up more time than you would have ever expected and brings unnecessary moments of stress into your work routine.
Be aware that BluePoint Brussels conference & business centre provides the necessary know how to assist you and can even take over an important part of the event planning: should you need assistance with the registration process before and on-site, assistance with the flow of the car park, should your event need a special theme decoration and furniture or should you need agents to improve the security of your business event. BluePoint can provide the necessary services.
Consider contacting BluePoint’s event organisers to find out how they can help you in organizing meetings and events for your company.



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