Closing of the Crossroad Reyers - Colonel Bourg
from the 2nd until the 20th of Septembre

Access to the BluePoint Brussels building will be temporarily modified

As from the 2nd until the 20th of September, Brussels Mobility will completely close the crossroad between the ‘Rue Colonel Bourg’ and the ‘Boulevard Reyers. The small side road of the Boulevard Reyers, in front of the BluePoint Building, will temporarily not be accessible.


map roadworks BluePoint Brussels

Coming from Montgomery, you will need to:

  • Either continue until ‘Meiser’ and turn right after the RTBF//VRT television station, towards the ‘Chaussée de Louvain’, in order to reach the ‘Rue Colonel Bourg’
  • Either take the E40 until the ‘Evere / Woluwe (Cora)’ EXIT, turn around and take the Exit ‘Reyers’


The exit Reyers of the E40 highway will be accessible.

The access by car to the BluePoint Building will be reversed during that period!


Only possible from the ‘Rue Colonel Bourg’ , using the access lane towards RTBF and the back exit of BluePoint.
The metal gate at the back (RTBF side), will be open on weekdays as from 7am until 8pm.
Outside these hours and during weekends, it will not be possible to enter the Building by car.
In that case, you can park your car on the parking lot next to the building (do not forget to pay).


Only possible towards the ‘Boulevard Reyers’. Using the regular exit at the back will be prohibited.
The metal gate towards ‘Boulevard Reyers ‘ will also be open between 7am and 8pm.
Outside these hours, it will still be possible to leave the building by car. When the metal gate is closed you can push the ‘open’ button which is located against the wall to your right (button with white arrow pointing upwards). The gate will reclose itself automatically.
Temporary markings will also put in place.


Reversing the direction of circulation will effect in traffic lanes crossing each other.
So please drive slowly and be extremely careful, in particular near the entrance of the RTBF and the exit/entrances of the BluePoint parking.

Delivery companies:
They will need to use the same temporary access roads.
Parking on the ‘delivery’ strip of the Reyers ramp will still be possible but only for cars and vans under 3 meters high.
Trucks and higher vehicles will have to make their deliveries at the mezzanine level (South Side).
If possible, please notify your suppliers.

Metro Diamant:
The metro station ‘Diamant’, next to the E40 will reopen on Friday the 30th of August.  The bus lines will again stop near the entrances of the metro station ‘Diamant’ in both directions.
A passage towards the metro station will be foreseen for pedestrians coming from ‘Meiser’.

map roadworks BluePoint Brussels 2

Feel free to contact us for any further information, by phone at +32 2 706 88 00 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The entire BluePoint team thanks you for your understanding and looks forward to welcoming you soon.


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