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Discover how we can make your event a sustainable one

Sustainability: it has become so much more than a buzzword. More than that: it is a fact that every organization - no matter how big or small - should deal with consciously. For BluePoint, this seems to be a necessary evolution! When you organize an event with us, we find it important to present you with the most sustainable options possible. We are happy to tell you how to do this.


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Small everyday changes for optimal sustainability

At BluePoint, sustainability starts before you even enter one of our locations. With comfort and sustainability in mind, all our locations are easily accessible by public transport. We also have several charging stations for electric cars and bicycle storage facilities in each venue.

In addition, we have recently and gradually implemented small changes that emphasize our sustainable approach. For example, we developed a procedure around 'organic waste', to help us sort and limit our waste.

Good to know is that in our BluePoint venues we work with so-called combined heat and power units. This CHP unit uses city gas to generate electricity. This electricity is used for the basic needs of the building.

Like any heat engine, this clutch produces heat through its operation. Instead of letting this heat escape into the air, it is absorbed by a heat exchanger to produce hot water. This water is used in our sanitary installations and, in winter, even as a supplement to our heating system.


One-stop-shop: everything about your event in-house = less transport!

The less transport needed, the smaller the ecological footprint of your event! Both catering and audio-visual and other facilities (think of projectors, screens, lighting, but also chairs, tables, and much more) are available at the BluePoint sites!

In our in-house restaurants, you can order dishes made with local organic products, and fish from responsible fisheries, and for event catering, we offer a range of vegetarian options to reduce meat consumption.

This means we have all the elements to make your event a success. Catering, audio-visual material, recording equipment, decoration material... You name it, we have it, and make sure that your event becomes a huge success!

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The Green Key Label - an important recognition for sustainability

Last but not least, we would like to highlight our Green Key Label. This is an eco-label that is awarded to hotels, meetings, and conference locations,  which go the extra mile to integrate and promote sustainability among their employees as well as their customers. You can see the Green Key Label as a guarantee that a company wants to make a difference in the field of sustainability.



Organising your event? We are happy to help!

Are you itching to organize an event yourself, especially now that you know you can do so in a sustainable way? But don't know where to start? No problem! Our BluePoint experts are here to advise and assist you! Together, we will make it a success!

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