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Experience unseen video possibilities in our Green Key Studio

Video has become an important communication and marketing tool today in so many ways.
Discover BluePoint's state-of-the-art recording studio which will give your video project another dimension.

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Rent a Green Key recording studio in Brussels

Our Green Key Studio, launched in February 2022, is a 100m² studio with a recording stage of an impressive 70m². One of the largest studios in Brussels and a real eye-catcher.

Let us take you into (virtual) video production reality. Discover the versatility of the studio and get encouraged to use this recording studio yourself.


Endless recording possibilities thanks to 3D technology

Want a sneak peek? Have a look here and now!

As you can see, the possibilities of the recording studio and its green key surrounding are endless. Our Green Key Studio brings every virtual decor to life.


Bustling 3D product launch

Recently, the CEO of a renowned car brand came on a site visit. Attracted by the top-notch technology, he wanted to record an impressive virtual release of a new car model. The new car was visualized with extremely detailed, razor-sharp 3D footage. The smallest details of the car were clearly shown in 3D close-ups. The latest technology was used to show the product in an unprecedented and impressive way. Car dealers were positively overwhelmed upon viewing the release video.

Yes, I want to organize an unforgettable product launch!


Broad applications for round table discussions, virtual events & training purposes

Record a round table discussion, organize a media training or hold an engaging interactive event. It's all possible in our studio!

Why not turn your rather boring finance reporting meeting into an interactive, dynamic show and keep everyone on their toes? Get rid of monotonous presentations that hardly get noticed once and for all. Literally bring dynamism into figures, charts and agenda items. Hold visitors' attention by playing with virtual effects in the 3D world.

What if not every speaker or participant can attend your event?
Liaise effortlessly and in the best conditions with various persons anywhere in the world thanks to the on-site equipment and streaming & broadcasting facilities.

Do you simply want to update your presentation skills?
The Green Key Studio is the ideal venue for this as well. Media trainers use detailed video recordings to train presenters and spokespeople to optimize their presentation techniques.

Above all, BluePoint has all the expertise in-house and will be happy to help you set up your video project accordingly.

Do you want to hold dynamic events or become a presentation expert right now?
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Threshold fear?

Some of you might still be wary of videos. Do you find it scary and don't know how to handle it well? Not necessary! Our BluePoint team will guide you through the entire process.
The result: a video of which you and every viewer will be amazed! Call on BluePoint's expertise and tell your story through an unforgettable video.

Overcome your fear! Come and take a look at our studio, without any obligation!


BluePoint lends a hand (or two)

Whether it’s a recording for social media use, for a training purpose, a virtual event, or product information or release:  BluePoint is happy to help you to prepare your project.
We'll help you choose the right format for your video project, select one of the available decors and personalize it with your company logo, colours and virtual light effects. And indeed, we help you draw up the movie script.

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A true TV studio

Since the facilities of our Green Key Studio are similar to those of a TV studio, it might not surprise you that public TV channels such as VRT and RTBF make use of our professional studio whenever necessary.

News or fiction? In our Green Key studio, everything becomes a (virtual) reality.

Want to know more? We guide you through the various possibilities.


Organising your event? We are happy to help!

Are you itching to organize an event yourself, especially now that you know you can do so in a sustainable way? But don't know where to start? No problem! Our BluePoint experts are here to advise and assist you! Together, we will make it a success!

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