Events & technology

As an event organizer, you have a duty to take care of both your attendees and your staff.  The larger your event, the more important health and safety, but even for small events it should still be a consideration. Have a look at how you can do this! 

Although live streaming has now become an accessible tool to everyone with the evolution of telecommunications devices and social networks, the success of your recording, in terms of content and quality, is still a challenge!

Are you stuck at home? Do climatic, political or health conditions force you to confine yourself? And yet, your team meetings must be maintained to ensure the continuity of your activities. Have you ever thought of organizing a brainstorming meeting to unblock the situation?

Are you organising a professional event for which you have to give a presentation and look for innovations to captivate your audience's attention? Then you may be interested in this article.

Technology such as 360° cameras and Virtual Reality headsets have become increasingly popular in the entertainment market. But have you ever thought about using it for your business event? Come take a look at some advantages of VR technology in your industry.


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