Are you an independent worker or freelancer and are your getting bored with your four-wall view and your laptop as you only companionship? Then coworking is the solution for you!

Discover the 10 most important characteristics that a good coworking space must meet in order to become a successful community.

Private small spaces with a suspended ceiling and carpet flooring within one big office, are completely out of fashion. These kind of offices are less and less common. Currently, the open floor plan offices with an industrial look, old factory halls and trendy co-working spaces are the current hotspots on the office market.   

Starting a company can be difficult, especially in the start-up and growth phase. However, this growth will at some point result in the need to find a good workspace for you and your employees. If you have come to this point or are simply planning ahead, this article will help you find the perfect office for your company!

Our preferred way of working has changed rapidly over the past few years, mainly due to technology. Therefore, more and more employees have developed a need for a more modern work environment instead of a standard office. The answer to this need, is Co-working.


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