Invite your business relations in an exclusive setting for an evening that is no less, and let your five senses rejoice in exceptional culinary creations and a warm and captivating musical show: this was the common thread of the evening organized on December 5th at BluePoint Liège.

Constantly in search of excellence, site manager Benoit De Smedt impressed his clients and professional relations by organizing an unforgettable evening.

With only one month left, the year 2018 is coming to an end. This means you can look back on a hopefully successful business year, and, more importantly, look forward to a new one. Time to celebrate this new chapter of your corporate progress, and what better way to do so than with a kick-off event?

The large offer of event venues nowadays does not make it easier to choose the right location for an event.

Many venue finder websites like, and can definitely help in making the first selection, but how do you know which location is the most suitable for your event, your company and your goals?

More and more companies are coming to the conclusion that business events must be part of an optimal marketing mix. Read here how you can efficiently use event marketing as a supporting communication tool.  

Including some ways of interactivity during your event is a great way to set your event apart, to inform your audience in an engaging and fun way and to add a personal touch to it.


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