Why should your organize your own company BBQ event?

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With the summer around the corner a BBQ event could be an ideal occasion to bring your team together and or to strengthen relationships with clients and prospects. Keep in mind that Belgians are leaders when it comes to organizing BBQ’s in the summer.
Organizing a BBQ event in the name of your company will grant you instant success!
Follow our simple guidelines below to make sure that everyone has a good time, including  you! 

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1. Choose the right venue 

Select a venue which is easily accessible and offers enough parking facilities. Make sure that the outside space is large enough and has additional space for some fun activities such as inflatable or wooden games and impressive cocktail bars.  Make sure that some areas are covered (e.g. by a stretch tent) and if mobile heating elements and blankets are available. Don’t forget to ask an indoor solution since the weather in Belgium is always unpredictable.

2. Work out an special concept for your BBQ event

Ask the venue which barbecue formulas exist and if a theme BBQ can be proposed ? Working around a special theme like a ‘beach party’ of ‘festival event’ will make your company BBQ more unique and rememberable.
Don’t forget to discuss the use of adequate furniture. Will high tables and chairs fit better and will you have dedicated space for a lounge area? Make sure to discuss which equipment is included to avoid hidden costs

3. Include catering options to please all your guests 

Traditionally, ‘meat’ is the main ingredient of a BBQ.  However keep in mind to offer also fish and vegetarian options, which are not only trendy but also more sustainable. Consider the use of an ice cream car or any other food truck to create a special atmosphere. If you consider a cocktail bar, add mocktails to the list.

4. Consider fun activities and games to turn your company BBQ into a real party

Party games increase the fun while creating excellent connections and networking moments!
You can organize a volleyball tournament, or any other inflatable game parcours, … the options are limitless.  Don’t forget background music or the option of hiring a live DJ, appropriate light effects and a dance floor for a real party experience.  

5. Make sure your guests leave with a nice event souvenir

Organize a photo booth with a green key background or any other instant picture boxes  where guests can make fun pictures with colleagues. For a more corporate atmosphere book a photographer and send the picture link the day after the event so that it will be remembered.  
Otherwise consider adding a business gift which guests can use at their own BBQ’s.  


 Are you ready for your own company barbecue?

Contact our BluePoint venues in Antwerp, Brussels and Liège where you can find the ideal settings for your next spring or summer company BBQ!  Our event experts will work out a tailor made BBQ solution for you and will help you to create an unforgettable experience for your guests! 

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