What’s the importance of interactivity at events?

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  interactivity at events

The word "interactive" nowadays refers to some kind of technology: the latest app, online service or blogging platform. But when you think about it, events are actually one of the original ways of interactivity.  It’s where people come together to get information, to learn and to experience a topic, an organization and to connect with like-minded individuals.  

Learn about new ways of interactivity for events and why they are so important.

Everybody wants to be entertained and engaged in order to avoid feeling tired and bored.  It’s part of our human nature.  The solution to this problem is to incorporate technology and other ways of human interaction . The key is to have all elements go beyond being one-dimensional so that the attendees are constantly engaged and left in awe of something they certainly did not expect.

Including some ways of interactivity during your event is a great way to set your event apart, to inform your audience in an engaging and fun way and also to add  a personalized touch to an evening.  Elevate your event and keep your guests fully engaged and entertained, not only by the entertainment, activities and décor but also with each other.

8 tips to stimulate your guests to be interactive!

1. Use an event app to encourage easy connections

Sometimes people find it difficult making an in-person acquaintance at an event. With advanced mobile event apps, people can check the profiles of likeminded attendees, get acquainted with their roles & interests. By using an event app you encourage people to make strategic and impactful connections which are important for them and at the same time lower the threshold for making new connections.  

2. Encourage live voting

New technology will allow you to query your attendees in real-time, and receive immediate feedback. You could utilize this by asking questions during a presentation and/or setting up a poll booth to gain immediate feedback.

Attendee interactivity requires speaking up. However, there are always some people who want to express their opinions without revealing who they are. Provide choices for anonymous voting in order to capture the frankest responses and maximize engagement.  

3. Integrate social media

Take advantage of social media.  Create hashtags for the event and encourage people to leave suggestions, comments, photos or videos etc. on your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook accounts. You can even integrate a live Twitter wall projection to stimulate the interaction.  

4. Interactive food and drink stations

Guests love choosing their own food. Let them enjoy multiple food and beverage stations throughout your event. From a customizable champagne cocktail bar to a live cooking station. There are  plenty of creative ways to feed your attendees and ‘wow them’ at the same time.

Unlike traditional menu catering, individual food and drink stations give attendees an opportunity to interact with one another. The connections they make can live beyond your event and improve attendee satisfaction.

5. Let your audience be part of the experience

Add some mystique to your attendees experiences.  Hire some dancers, aerialists, magicians or mimes to engage with your attendees. Consider integrating artistic performances into the crowd during cocktails or a walking dinner. Seeing performers up close is always more compelling than seeing them far away on a stage or in one area of a space.  Their performances will give your guests something to talk about and make it easier to break the ice when networking

6. Have a little contest 

A little friendly competition can liven up your event in no time. Some fun ideas include a caption contest, or even a trivia game focused on questions about your event’s theme.

7. Make Memories

Set up a photobooth for your event! They are always fun and provide attendees with an personal souvenir. If your crowd is playful, provide some props or costume elements! When using a digital photo booth you can even project images on to a wall in real time to involve all guests in the fun.  

8. Provide meaningful giveaways

People love to leave an event with a free gift, but only if it’s really something they can appreciate. Most giveaways end up in the trash can because they’re not useful. 
Surprise them with a unique item made on site  such as a reusable printed bag, possibly even printed on site.  Another fun idea is to hire a caricature artist who captures your attendees’ likeness.  Such a souvenir is more likely to help them remember their experience, stay out of the trash and spread awareness beyond the event.  

Did we inspire you to get more ‘interactive’?

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