What is the importance of event marketing in the marketing mix?

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Event marketing is starting to play an increasingly prominent role in the marketing mix. It gives a unique opportunity to have a product, service or company image experienced by a specific target group and is useful for establishing contacts with existing and potential customers. This concerns for example product presentations but also information sessions on a specific theme for which companies increasingly work together to achieve a common goal.  

Events as part of your communication process

Whether it concerns a product or a service, the main purpose of marketing is to develop a preference or an impact and in that way to become "top of mind" in a market that is currently overcrowded. Organizing an event will therefore strongly support your communication process.

But today’s technology also offers more opportunities to emphasize the impact of event marketing. The target group is already triggered in the preliminary phase by regular communication. On the day itself, an event offers a real experience and afterwards participants can enjoy it again via photos, social media and more.

The organization of a live event therefore gives you the chance to develop a media project so that your message will certainly not be lost.  

4 benefits of organizing an event as part of your marketing plan

1. Image Building

An event enhances your media trajectory. When a consumer is interested in your product and can discover the product "live", he is more likely to purchase it. Consumers understand a service or product much better after a live event than a one-off advertisement.    

2. Personal and authentic interactions

Another big advantage of a live event, is that it also offers room for personal attention. In a world where digital communication is increasing, there is an increasing need for this. Authentic interactions with your customers are golden and more effective than 10-second spots. They create brand ambassadors. After the event, your guests will also have a more positive attitude towards the brand.  

3. Stimulating the senses and offering an experience

Your target group is looking more and more for experiences and nothing is easier than offering this by having them participate in an event. They can make the necessary connections to expand their network and exchange experiences. There is only one marketing channel where you can stimulate all the senses and those are events. You put your customer first, you create interaction and experience. By letting people take part in an experience, you leave a lasting impression and you also increase the chance that they will share it with others.  

4. Measurable contribution to growth objectives

The effect of a live event is measurable. You know exactly how many people you have reached and which interactions. In this way, the event also makes a measurable contribution to your marketing objectives. Especially if achieving turnover is your most important objective of the event.


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