What does a productive workplace have to meet?

Office rental & Coworking

Research shows that a pleasant working environment has a motivating effect, gives your teams a real boost and therefore increases productivity. Today you can also attract and, more importantly, retain young talent with a suitable working environment!

productive workplace

Does your company have a high level of absenteeism due to illness?
Do your project teams have problems meeting deadlines?
Are you struggling to attract young talent into your company?

How can a workspace help with this and thus increase the productivity of your teams?
What shouldn't be missing in a productive work environment?

Read our tips for a happier and more productive team:

1. A separate room for each type of work

An open office benefits from better collaboration, but can also reduce productivity by 66% due to distractions caused by other conversations and sounds.  Provide your office with enough space to escape from the open spaces and provide the necessary 'alone time' where employees can concentrate on specific tasks in greater peace of mind.

Also think of rooms for telephone calls without having to whisper for the sake of other colleagues.

2. Have attention for ergonomics and health

It's not healthy to be in the same position all day. With wireless, mobile technology that puts work at your fingertips, employees no longer have to sit behind a fixed screen all day long. In addition to the 'regular' office chair, place some alternative chairs in the office. Think of seating balls or beanbags as a nice alternative.

A modern workplace also contains more and more treadmill desks that provide extra movement and an increase of endorphins, resulting in more alert employees. Other healthy alternatives are also standing desks and, for example, standing meetings, walking during your phone calls, using more staircases, etc.

3. Create a homely atmosphere

Don't be too practical when setting up the office. Decorations without a functional purpose, such as photos and souvenirs, improve the mood on the work floor and create happier employees. Research has also shown that plants increase productivity by one fifth. Green in the office improves concentration and air quality and reduces stress. The furniture and possible sitting areas such as a library or a TV corner can also contribute to a better feeling of belonging.

4. Relaxation in the workplace

A good work/rest ratio in the workplace is ideal to keep the creativity, concentration and energy of the employees at the highest possible level, which will enable them to perform optimally. This can be done in several ways: you can provide gaming zones with billiards, table tennis or a boxing area.  But also rest areas for power naps are becoming more and more successful in modern offices. Also provide moments of relaxation in the open air and decorate them with functional and cosy furniture.

5. The importance of trendy and healthy catering

Offer a variety of healthy and trendy meals, which means that employees will spend much more time in the office.  This also automatically creates more networking moments between teams. A nice restaurant on site has a positive influence on the general atmosphere and also on productivity.

6. Make optimal use of new technologies

Link your meeting and meeting facilities to new technological tools such as video conferencing for optimal productivity. The technology is becoming increasingly user-friendly and efficient and in most cases also more sustainable. Modern equipped rooms make it possible to brainstorm completely paperless and to record ready-made video in no time at all.


But productivity also depends on a good work-life balance!

In addition to all these tips, good accessibility is also very important for employees and potential customers. Are there sufficient parking facilities and how can the use of public transport and bicycles be stimulated in your organization for a more sustainable society? Is there a train station and/or bus stop nearby and is there a safe bicycle parking facility?

The needs of organizations vary widely, making it increasingly important to consider all facilities and additional services. Think of the inhouse support staff and services including receiving private parcels, offering laundry and ironing services, car washing and others.


Do you want to test a productive workplace?

Let your project teams use the latest coworking spaces of the Tech.Lounge in Brussels or Antwerp.

The creative spaces meet all the requirements of a productive workplace and can also be rented on a shorter term (per month). In addition, the rooms also offer advanced technological possibilities in the brainstorm arena, the recording studio and the fully digital training room of the future. This offers a guaranteed higher productivity for your project teams!

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