What are the advantages of renting your office in a business center?

Office rental & Coworking

A business center offers customized solutions for each type of business. You can choose between  a virtual office or a standard shared office space, but can also rent an entire floor personalized to your business needs. This means that business centers are not only suitable for small and starting companies but also bigger organizations and even multinationals who tend to operate locally from a business center. 

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There are many benefits when renting an office space in a business center. The most important are:

1. Focus on your own business

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of business centers is that they allow you to run your business conveniently. Business centers generally take care of many centralized services which means you can fully concentrate on your own business. Some office spaces even come with furniture and all necessary IT connections so that you can just plug in your laptop and start working. These are the so called ‘serviced offices’.

2. Benefit from back-office support

In a business center you can make use of all kind of facility services such as a professional welcome desk service, access control, cleaning and maintenance but also IT support and printing services. Not having to deal with these services within your own organization makes it easier for you to increase your productivity and to grow your business.

3. Prime location and prime facilities

Business centers are often located in a prime area for businesses close to public transport and important access roads. They also offer sufficient car park facilities on site for employees and business partners, managed by an easy to use software system. Next to easy and comfortable access, business centers also propose well equipped meeting facilities on site.  As a result you can effortlessly hold all types of meetings and events at your own building. Catering facilities such as self-service restaurants and sometimes even business restaurants on site, are another important asset of business centers.

4. Business development and networking

In a multi-tenant business center you have the opportunity to network and cross-sell with other companies and organizations.  Many office buildings organize formal networking events for their communities and invite interesting speakers with the main intention of improving networking and increasing business opportunities.

5. Cost efficiency 

Another amazing benefit of renting an office in a business center is cost effiency. You will not only need less admin staff to take care of the support services of your business, but you will also have to rent less square meters since reception areas,  meeting rooms and catering/relaxation areas are part of the business center.

6. Flexible lease agreements

Lease agreements at a business center are much more flexible. Serviced offices can be rented on a monthly basis and co-working spaces even on a daily basis. A business center gives growing businesses the possibility to expand their office space according to their growth, without having to relocate the business.

Leasing terms are generally more ‘user friendly’ than commercial office leases. Business centers better understand the needs of businesses to have flexible agreements that do not require legal advice and can be signed in a short period of time, allowing for fast move-in.

7. Easy moving in

Serviced office space generally comes with the infrastructure that is ready to use, including phone system, internet connection points, photocopiers & network printers. Frequent upgrades and updates guarantee that tenants have access to the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Utilities such as electricity, water and heating are also included in the rent. Business centers usually have small kitchen areas with coffee and tea facilities and microwave.  All this means that this type of ready-to-work office gives you the opportunity to move in much quicker than renting your own space.


Are you interested in renting office space at a business centre?  

The BluePoint group consists of three business centers which offer various types of workspaces and offices for rent:  Fully furnished and serviced offices, small and large tailor made private office space with flexible short & long term office lease agreements and even co-working spaces.

The shared office buildings are well located with easy access and underground car park facilities. Various support services such as a centralized welcome desk, IT and print shop services, cleaning & maintenance, a fully serviced meeting and conference center  and in-house self-service and business restaurant are on-site.  BluePoint’s efficient work spaces will help you focusing on the development of your own business.

Contact our BluePoint office experts who can assist you in finding the right office space for you! marketing@bluepoint.be | +32 2 706 88 00.