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Are you ever curious about how you can make your presentation more powerful and get the audience fully involved in your story? How do the professional speakers do it and why does it seem to be a piece of cake? What exactly do you have to do to make your own presentations better and more convincing or to leave a lasting impression on your target group? Then read these tips!

Powerful presentation

1. Make sure you are well prepared and know what you are talking about

Start on time and immerse yourself in the theme with sufficient research. Also take a critical look at what you will eventually present and take into account what your target group already knows or does not know. Don't forget to practice: in front of the mirror or with colleagues so that you know your presentation through and through and can convey it in a loose and comfortable posture. Good preparation ensures less stress and more self-confidence.

2. How do I tell my story

The first minutes of your presentation determine whether the audience will like it or not. So start with saying what you are going to cover in your presentation. In other words, let the audience know what to expect and make them curious. Tell your story with experience and feeling but don't tell too much so your audience doesn't lose focus. Briefly summarize the key points so that everything sticks together.

3. Make sure there are enough silences and eye contact

When you enter the stage, always let it get completely quiet first. Only when you see that you have your audience's attention, you can start with the presentation. Don't keep talking all at once and in one period.  That way you make sure that everything you say really reaches your audience.

If you are standing in front of a smaller group, make as much eye contact with the audience as possible and try not to skip anyone. In larger spaces, try to speak to the audience in all directions so that everyone feels addressed.

4. Keep it exciting through variety and personality

You may be familiar with it: boring, long-winded presentations where the presenter only talks and talks.  It's only logical that you lose attention in this way. Make your story human and also tell what went wrong and how it was solved. Make room for something you have experienced personally and what moves you. By doing so, you create more attention and empathy in the audience.

Alternate presentations with questions to the audience, giving you more interaction and involvement. Also be sure to end with a nice anecdote, a quote or a wish that suits your presentation. Thank the audience for their attention and give them the opportunity to ask a few more questions.

5. Be super enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is contagious and you pass it on. If you make sure that you yourself are enthusiastic about what you have to say, your audience will be too. Think about your body language and voice as well. With the right mindset and preparation you will stand there and conquer the audience.

Are you making a mistake or is there a technical failure? Don't worry, the show must go on. Don't get distracted, unless you feel strong enough to make a good joke about it. "Have fun" might be the most important tip!

6. The power of slides

Inexperienced presenters often use presentations as cheat letters. As a result, everything you want to say is on the screen and you easily lose the attention of your audience. Slides should only support what you say. Limit the text on the slides and use a lot of footage and even the occasional movie.

7. Last but not least: take care of a good preparation of the space and a use a 'dry run'!

How is the room set up? How is the lighting and sound and how does the presentation material work? It is important that you can familiarize yourself with the location and room where you will be presenting. By testing you also avoid technical problems.

One last tip: Also use cards with key words, so you can quickly pick up the thread if you forget something.


Did we inspired you enough to get started with your presentation yourself?

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