The importance of an ergonomic workplace!

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Ergonomics in the workplace is not a fleeting trend. An ergonomic workplace guarantees that employees can perform optimally by avoiding unnecessary work-related complaints, also called “office syndromes”. Light, oxygen, temperature, sound and visual stimuli all influence our concentration, our fatigue and well-being.
An ergonomic workplace is therefore very important within every company!

What is an ergonomically designed workplace?

An ergonomically designed workplace ensures that employees can perform their work in the correct posture. The furniture and the aids are adapted to individual needs, body measurements and type of work. A computer workstation involves a table, chair, screen, keyboard and mouse. And in addition, possibly a footrest, laptop holder and document holder.

Why is it important to create such a workplace?

  • You reduce the risk of injury and absenteeism.
  • You encourage your employees to adopt the correct ergonomic position.
  • You increase the well-being and productivity of your employees.

Improving ergonomics is a measure that benefits both the company and the employees. With simple adjustments you increase the comfort of your employees and at the same time their daily productivity.

We are happy to give you some tips to increase ergonomics and productivity in the workplace :

1. Correct position of your head

Is your head tilted forward? Then the position is wrong. Try to keep the head straight above the shoulders.

2. Correct screen height

Set your screen at the correct height and the keyboard in front of it. If your head is directly above your shoulders, the top of the screen should not exceed eye level.

3. Mouse and keyboard

Make sure the mouse is close to the keyboard. It is not intended that you have to reach far to operate the mouse. That will put too much pressure on your shoulders.

4. Support your arms

Make sure the arms are well supported at all times. An office chair with adjustable handrail can help you with this.

5. Purchase a headset

Do you have to use the telephone a lot? Do not do this with the telephone between your head and shoulder. Buy a headset or ask your supervisor for one.

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6. Don't  lean too far forward

Never lean too far! Make sure your computer and other documents are close by. It is better to move your office chair closer instead of having to reach too far.

7. Do not sit too close to your desk

Although it is important to sit close to your desk with equipment, it is also important not to sit too close. If you sit too close you will get eye problems quickly. Therefore, make sure that the display stays at least outside of arm's reach.

8. Give your eyes and your body a rest

Staring at a screen all day is never good. Therefore, occasionally look into the distance, give your eyes a rest and avoid irritation. Also, getting up or moving enough has a positive effect on your concentration and creativity and reduces physical pain. It is recommended to get up once every half hour.

9. Choose the right location for your screen

Make sure the screen is not in front of a window or bright background and avoid light reflection. This too can cause eye irritation.

10. Do not let the feet hang down

Make sure that your feet can stand on the floor and do not let them hang. Is this not the case? Then lower your chair, screen and keyboard or use a footrest.

Are you looking for a healthy working environment for your employees?

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