Innovation starts with inspiration: Three tech tools to use at your event

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Events nowadays cannot be just a gathering stuffed with presentations; guests will expect you to impress and entertain them. A great way to do so, is making use of the technological tools listed below.


1. A robot

Something that still amazes many people, is the intelligence of robots. They can do so much to entertain you, so why not use them at events?

Because of the variety of skills that robots have, there are multiple ways to use them at your event. They could entertain the guests by doing a small performance, or by showing them an informative video about your company or your event. An example of such a robot is Blue, our very own volunteer at BluePoint’s Welcome Desk.

Blue 6


2. Personalized event app

bleupoint luik eventapp

Thanks to an application for smartphone, tablet and pc, you can use your own event app. The app can stimulate interactivity of your participants at the event, and eliminates all unorganised paperwork.

With an event app, people can check what’s next by viewing the event program, and get to know the speakers by reading their biography.

It’s also possible to organize quick meetings and network with other guests, event organizers or speakers.

Everyone can share their opinions via a live-voting feature, which gives you instant feedback on the event, or lets your guests share their thoughts on a certain subject that the speaker is talking about.

In case your guests don’t know where the next activity is, floorplans and an interactive map of meeting rooms are available to show them the way.

All of these features help increase interactivity between the participants, and all in one app. BluePoint offers this kind of app at all three locations, for only €7,50 (excl. VAT) per participant. Contact us for more information.


3. 3D Mapping

You might have written the perfect speech, but today’s audience also wants something interesting to look at. And by that, we do not mean a simple PowerPoint as the background of your presentation.

Something more inventive to consider in this situation, is a technique called 3D Mapping: it displays moving animations on any 3-dimensional object on the stage, that suit your topic and company. Your audience gets entertained, but not distracted, which results in a longer attention span during your speech.

The video above shows the impressive technique in practice at our own BluePoint venue in Brussels. If you would like to use this technology at your event, contact us via or +32 2 706 88 00.