Taste the 5 star flavour of BluePoint Liège

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Taste the 5 star flavour of BluePoint Liège

Since 2017, Chef Jean-Luc Daniel and BluePoint Liège have been working hand in hand to offer companies and individual guests tasty and convivial moments: banquets, business lunches, and walking dinners, ... Nothing escapes the creativity of the Chef, who recently saw his establishment, Le Cabochon, praised by Gault & Millau. Do you recognize him from TV? Here is a glimpse of what he can offer you, in real life.


Rediscover authentic flavours

Many people know Jean-Luc Daniel from the TV show "Mission Cuisine" on RTBF, a show in which he takes up a daily culinary challenge for individuals at home. Through his simple recipes, we discover an art of living and a philosophy fundamentally based on the taste and quality of products.

At BluePoint Liège, we are delighted to collaborate with the Chef since October 2017. At our venue, he is working on a completely different challenge: offering a high-end culinary experience in a business context. Jean-Luc Daniel: "The whole challenge is to be able to offer a true gastronomic service while adapting to the constraints of business and events. 

The customer is served quickly and efficiently and gets generous and refined dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients and, as much as possible, from local suppliers. This requires very good organization in the kitchen as well as great flexibility.


"The customer is served quickly and efficiently, and gets generous and refined dishes, prepared with seasonal ingredients "

Jean-Luc Daniel, Chef of business restaurant Le Cabochon


Menu LeCabochon 


The right balance between refinement and efficiency

Eating well without wasting too much time? That's the promise to which the entire Le Cabochon team is committed. Just enough time to enjoy a Bluette beer with your colleagues, and you'll be served.

The dishes concocted by the Chef give pride of place to seasonal ingredients and the expression of taste. Want to discover the latest suggestions? Take a look at the restaurant's menu and let yourself be tempted!

Want to dazzle your business partners with an exceptional menu? Discover all the possibilities of BluePoint Liege!


Gastronomy, accessible and adjusted to events

BluePoint Liège conference centre has a large event space for up to 400 people. A comfortable capacity that lends itself to a wide variety of events out of which walking dinners, buffets, gala dinners, and tastings ... A flexibility that does not in any way compromise the quality of service that BluePoint intends to offer, as Benoit De Smedt, Site Manager at BluePoint, explains:

"Our versatile team is able to combine 3 different catering activities: business restaurant, self-service for tenants, and banquets in our conference centre. Whatever the formula, our staff does not compromise on the level of quality you would expect from a gourmet establishment."


BluePoint Liege: an ultramodern conference centre in the heart of Liege

Whether you are looking for an event room, a fully equipped office, or a restaurant, BluePoint Liege has the complete package for a great experience:

  • Large seating capacity, up to 400 people
  • Multi-zone BOSE high-fidelity audio system
  • Fully customizable LED mood lighting
  • Modular rooms and additional furniture
  • Wide screen projection systems
  • Professional centralized reception
  • Private parking

And, above all: the team of the business restaurant Le Cabochon, managed by Chef Jean-Luc Daniel himself. The team will warmly welcome you and prepares delicious menus, whether it’s a business lunch or event catering.



BluePoint - The Cabochon: alchemy that works

The qualitative approach chosen by BluePoint Liege is also the result of total freedom of initiative left in the choice of menus. Lovers of good food discover the Chef's "touch" during their events, and they often come back to BluePoint Liege for this very reason.

Jean-Luc Daniel: "I am always looking for new challenges, and I must say that this collaboration really brings me new challenges every day (laughs)... Autonomy - another aspect that is dear to me - has always been granted to me in what I do, and this allows me to fully express my passion.


Is it time to celebrate an accomplished task by one of your employees? Invite them to an unforgettable culinary experience at Le Cabochon restaurant!


"Whatever the formula, our staff make no concessions on the level of quality"

Benoit De Smedt, Site Manager of BluePoint Liege


Jean Luc Daniel (portrait)

Recognition by Gault & Millau and enthusiastic guests

The establishment recently entered the prestigious Gault & Millau with an honourable 13/20, which rewards the culinary experience offered. It is also one of the top 20 best-rated restaurants in Liege. This recognition from a professional gastronomy guide, is in addition to a real plebiscite from the public, as Benoit De Smedt points out:

"Le Cabochon's rating peaks at 4.9 out of 5 on 500 reviews on Tablebooker, and on Eventplanner. BluePoint Liège gets a  10-out-of-10 . We are very proud of these extremely positive reviews on these reference sites. They encourage us to maintain our high standards.

Jean-Luc Daniel: "It is of course very satisfying, even though the race for stars is not my main priority. The main goal for me is to provide a moment of culinary pleasure to all our customers, by giving the best of ourselves.”


Organise a memorable event in the heart of the Cité Ardente in the company of Chef Jean-Luc Daniel?

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