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 ISS Interview Stefan

BluePoint Antwerp has been offering top-quality culinary experiences for private and corporate events for many years. Do you know why? Thanks to our partnership with ISS. The company has been a major player in the Facility and Service Industry for years and is focusing with its new brand ‘White Signature,' on fine dining.  We work together closely to provide you and your guests with an original, tasty, and healthy culinary experience.




Stefan Wagemans, Special Event Manager at White Signature, has been developing top-notch event catering concepts at BluePoint Antwerp since 2011. And many visitors compliment the care given to the culinary experience. The secret? Find out in this interview!

Portrait Stefan Wagemans


What is your role at White Signature /BluePoint Antwerp?

"I have several responsibilities at White Signature: on the one hand, I am the commercial representative but also keep an eye on the operational end and, finally, I like to work out new and creative culinary concepts in close cooperation with the kitchen team. We are always looking for ways to surprise our guests with innovative catering.

How do we do this? By giving shape to new ideas, bringing together new flavors and developing new trends, for both professional and private catering.

The magic happens from BluePoint Antwerp's large central kitchen: where other caterers have to take care of transport and logistics, we benefit from the presence of a full infrastructure on site, which is a significant advantage for us and the event venue."


‘'We always operate from BluePoint Antwerpen, also for off-site event catering. However, catering for an event at BluePoint Antwerpen feels like playing a home game’


Why 'White Signature'?

"ISS was previously especially known for facility services and was rather associated with an image of an 'industrial kitchen', which doesn't accurately reflect the reality. Our kitchen team consist of highly experienced staff, including a master chef. Furthermore, we work with well-known chefs to create new menus and train our employees. With our extensive catering options, we can meet the highest expectations in creative gastronomy.

"To better showcase its expertise, ISS introduced a new event catering identity in 2019 called 'White Signature'."

Our chefs work with quality products and always prepare them with great care and love. Special attention is also paid to short distribution channels and the fight against waste."


Ivan Pintens, Kitchen Manager White Signature

Stefan can count on a talented and experienced team. Ivan Pintens, White Signature Kitchen Manager, brings 30 years of culinary experience to BluePoint clients. He recently joined the Mastercooks team in Belgium. Product launch, gala dinner or any other event? Ivan knows how to surprise you!


Portrait Ivan Pintens 1


What event catering can you order from BluePoint Antwerp?

"Thanks to the diverse range of rooms and event spaces at BluePoint Antwerp, along with the extensive kitchen facilities, we can accommodate any type of event catering:

  • Creative lunch formulas for business meetings
  • Street food formulas (very fashionable) with a focus on new flavors and the latest trends
  • Comprehensive tapas and appetizers for cocktail receptions
  • High-end walking dinners with an emphasis on show-cooking
  • Sophisticated menus for gala events and weddings
  • And so much more

BluePoint Antwerp & White Signature always strive to offer healthy and sustainable options for events with a strong focus on local ingredients and healthy food.

What we enjoy most is creating customized proposals to suit the specific event and target audience.


What are your suggestions for the summer?

"Outdoor events, such as after works or barbecues are always in demand when the weather is nice. It’s a great opportunity to be extra creative with tasty snacks and new flavours.

For a quick lunch, we like to suggest a formula with poké bowls and for a barbecue, we prefer to work with the Ofyr, a kind of plancha that allows you to prepare not only meat and fish but also all kinds of vegetables in a healthy way.

We also want to revive some vintage trends such as the belly tray: the waiter then walks among the guests with various delicacies, creating a lot of show and experience during events.

Another trend is mocktails, both variations on classic cocktails and new combinations.  White Signature guarantees original and delicious recipes to surprise your guests."


Would you also like to organise an event at BluePoint Antwerp with delicious catering by White Signature?

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