Start your business year with a kick-off event

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With only one month left, the year 2018 is coming to an end. This means you can look back on a hopefully successful business year, and, more importantly, look forward to a new one. Time to celebrate this new chapter of your corporate progress, and what better way to do so than with a kick-off event?


Why organise a kick-off event?

Not only does a kick-off event give you the opportunity to celebrate your achievements as a company, it also makes your colleagues more motivated to start working on the goals for the new year. They also get the chance to network with the rest of the company, which improves the internal relations that make sure your client gets the best service.

Kick off

How to plan a successful kick-off event

A few tips to consider when organising a new years’ event:

  1. Prepare a short speech
    Recap the previous year’s achievements and reveal the new year’s goals. Thank the people that made a difference this year, and raise the glass to partner companies that have helped you.

  2. Find a suitable location
    Your team probably loves coming to their office to work, but for a special occasion like a kick-off, everyone will appreciate celebrating this at a more festive location. As you’ve only got one month left, a good idea is to look for a location like BluePoint, that offers a versatile venue, welcoming committee, catering, and technical assistance, instead of getting four different companies to arrange each of those necessities.

  3. Invite your guests in a unique way
    Make sure your team is excited to attend the event, by sending invitations that stand out. Do not only give them information, but make it appealing to join the event. Be creative in the invitation lay-out and text, and remind people of the event via internal communication and word-of-mouth.

Did you get excited about hosting a kick-off event?

Do not hesitate to contact our experts now to discuss your wishes, so you can schedule your event with BluePoint before we’re fully booked!