The roadworks in Brussels will soon be finished!


The Reyers tunnels are now reopened, but some work remains in the area. Brussels Mobility is working on the surface to complete the waterproofing of the roof of the Montgomery tunnel towards the E40. Once this is completed, the temporary development of the Diamant intersection can begin.

We always advise you to follow the alternative routes illustrated here below:

BluePoint’s accessibility by public transport

If you decide to come to our venue by public transport, we recommend you take one of the following lines to bus stop Diamant:

MIVB – lines 12, 21, 28, 29, 63 and 79
De Lijn – lines 318, 351, 358 and 410

If you would rather take the tram/metro, the following lines are available to arrive at metro stop Diamant:

Lines 7, 25 and 62.

After leaving the bus, tram or metro at Diamant, a temporary bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will provide access to Bluepoint. The metrostation also provides a special lift for people with limited mobility.

The following picture gives a visual explanation of the information above:

Plan accès BluePoint 2018 11 grey copy

BluePoint’s accessibility by car

When coming to BluePoint by car, take the E40 direction Centre/European Institutions/Montgomery. Then follow the signs for Meiser/Reyers, and exit onto the Kolonel Bourgstraat.

Watch the video below for a detailed view of the way: