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'The need for connection is a fact', cited Jochanan Eynikel, a business philosopher at Etion. But how do you translate this on the work floor? Mainly by throwing a splashing staff party. All BluePoint venues can easily accommodate your events and guide you from the initial idea to and through the event itself!



Up for staff party? Ask yourself the right questions!

How on earth do you start arranging a corporate event? What about all the practical arrangements you need to make for it? Above all, start broadly: asking yourself a few basic questions will get you a long way. Do you hesitate sometimes? Then our BluePoint experts will give you heaps of tips based on your ideas.

The main questions are: 'What is the theme or purpose of your event?', 'When do you want to organise it?' and 'How much do you want to spend on it?'. The answer to those questions will be the capstone for all further arrangements of your event.

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Location, location, location!

Other important questions: 'How many people do you want to host?' and 'How do you want to host them?'. These can be important factors in deciding which space to host your event. After all, someone throwing a party with 50 guests will have very different needs from those inviting 750 people.

Our BluePoint event experts are happy to invite you for a site visit in Antwerp, Brussels or Liège to give you some ideas – and, not unimportantly, to see what is possible within your budget.

Incidentally, it is best to find a venue six months in advance and that’s why the location finding is one of the first steps in the practical process.

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Once you made your decision about the location, the budget and the event theme, we can work out the broad outlines of your event. 'What about catering?', for example, and 'How will guests need to dress up for your event?'. Depending on your theme, time of day and budget, we will be happy to look at what we can offer you in-house and what we call on our partners for.

Ready with the big picture? Then we move on to the practical details. Do you want to provide some additional fun or gaming such as A DJ booth? A live band? An outdoor party? And should there be a photographer or photo booth on-site? It's all possible at BluePoint and we are happy to arrange it for you.

How to host your own staff party? Read our tips here!


From location to catering: discover our all-in-one service 

Next to practical arrangements which the BluePoint event experts make for you, you can also count on professional advice which means you do not have to hire an extra event organiser. You can make all the arrangements through one contact person, including the catering aspects. This should give you immediate peace of mind and no more worries about the staff party!




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