Medical Conferences and Training Courses: 5 reasons to select a Conference Center

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National or International congresses and training courses are crucial for various medical professions. They bring together healthcare professionals, senior representatives of health authorities, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers, and professional associations. These events cover various medical domains, and in some cases, attendance is mandatory for professional practice. Therefore, these events require a well-equipped and easily accessible venue.


Hiring a venue for a scientific or health-related event can quickly become a headache. Is the venue easily accessible by various means of transport, especially for your international guests? Is the space adequately equipped for the use of presentation and demonstration materials? Is there enough room for the event's partners and sponsors? These are just some criteria to consider when looking for an event venue for your medical congress or training course.

The organization of an event can be quickly affected if any of these criteria are overlooked, impacting the overall experience of the participants. Consequently, conference centres are adopting an all-in-one approach to free you from the uncertainties of event organization.



Live events remain the preferred option

The restrictions imposed during the health crisis have undeniably affected working habits at all levels. Initially, there was a shift to virtual technology, which made managing medical events rather complex. However, the sector quickly returned to live meetings, which were better suited for facilitating exchanges between the parties involved.


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Here are 5 excellent reasons to hold your medical conference or training in a conference centre.


1. An ideally located and easily accessible venue

Medical practitioners often have busy schedules, so event attendance is heavily dependent on the event location. Choosing a venue that is conveniently located and well-served by public transport will make it easier for your guests to attend. BluePoint goes a step further by providing private car parks and electric charging points at each of our conference centres. This means there's no need to arrive early to look for a parking space!


2. A modular space adapted to sub-groups and exhibitors

Breakout sessions are often overlooked but are a powerful tool for addressing the various specialized topics covered during an event. They also help increase engagement and facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge.

Will your event require large spaces to accommodate partners and sponsors for their exhibition materials? If so, it might be a good idea to reserve one or more dedicated rooms. This can enhance the overall experience of your event and that of the participants.

Modern conference centres excel in offering flexibility. Booking a plenary room and a few breakout rooms in one place is effortless. So, why miss out?


3. Cutting-edge technology for your demonstrations and live streams

Speakers should be able to give their presentations simply, without worrying about technical aspects. Today's scientific presentations should take advantage of modern audiovisual aids for better understanding. This includes video and live stream possibilities for speakers located abroad.

Fully equipped event rooms with their projection equipment are preferable to basic solutions. When you choose BluePoint for your event, you also benefit from responsive on-site technical support in case of any issues. Discover our possibilities >


4. Integrated catering options

Is your training course or medical conference scheduled for the evening or during the day? Is the schedule flexible enough to accommodate refreshments and snacks? 

Enhance your program by providing thoughtful catering to save time and facilitate ideal networking among participants, exhibitors, and other stakeholders. Don't overlook the positive impact of taking a break to quench your thirst, regain your strength, and network with peers at the same time.

The common approach is to engage an external caterer to plan the menus and provide room service. However, this necessitates extra coordination. Therefore, we recommend utilizing a conference center with professional on-site catering services. This allows for centralized planning and eliminates organizational headaches.


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5. Security and accreditation control

Medical training courses and conferences are exclusive events for accredited experts, so it's crucial to have a professional reception to verify accreditation and distribute badges.

This means a facility with its own security service and access control on different floors are important quality considerations when selecting a venue.


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