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There's no denying it – the coronavirus pandemic has brought about profound changes in our work lives. And of course, when professional life changes, professional events change with it. Thus, after thousands of online meetings and networking events - we are fortunately able to meet our networks physically again, we notice a lot of differences when organizing events now compared to the past. How does that manifest itself? Organizations mainly advocate for hybrid and multi-site events. And we think that's a great trend at BluePoint! We are happy to elaborate.




What are hybrid multi-site events?

To explain that to you, we like to break down the term into separate words. 
By hybrid we mean that an event takes place both online and physically. For example, suppose you organize a physical event with 30 guests from Belgium. However, there is an interesting guest speaker who lives in the US.

At a hybrid event, you can set up a webinar with the latter and project it for the 30 physical guests. This way you end up with a - hybrid - combination of both physical and online attendees. Or suppose one of your colleagues can't be there? Then they can easily dial in, to still be connected to each other.

Multi-site, on the other hand, means that an event takes place in several places at the same time. For example,
if several guest speakers are speaking at different locations at the same time as part of the same event - then you as the invitee can choose to follow speaker A at location A and then go to location B to follow a speaker there, or vice versa. Multi-site events offer the opportunity to convey a message to large groups at the same time. This can be powerful, especially when launching a new product or making important announcements.

With a hybrid multi-site event, you combine the two previous types of events into a mix of physical and online speakers and events, at different locations at the same time.

Of course, a hybrid multi-site meeting exists in many forms. Depending on your wishes, the size of your group of guests, the nature of your event, ... it can therefore take many forms. Moreover, such an event can seem very complicated, but it also provides your organization with a lot of benefits on the other hand. We'll discuss them below.

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Four benefits of hybrid multi-site event hosting at BluePoint!

1. You can give your guests and speakers the choice between different locations. This way you shorten their travel time and the impact on the environment - and the convenience of that ensures that your guests will more easily join you to participate in your event.

2. Because safety is key in corona times, it is beneficial for you and your guests to be able to come together in smaller groups - so we can all meet face-to-face again without sacrificing safety!

3. Such an event can appeal to more associates - both locally and internationally. This in turn gives you and your event more visibility, which can have tangible effects in the long term. 

4. BluePoint has locations in Antwerp, Brussels and Liège. All three are connected via fiber optic cables - a pure audio and video connection is therefore guaranteed. Moreover, the BluePoint team is always ready: - from the practical organization to the technical execution of your event.


Organizing your live, online or hybrid events at BluePoint? Easy!

At BluePoint we like to think about innovative solutions to make your event a success. By combining technology – something that is part of our DNA – with extensive expertise, experience and know-how, we also want to make your event a success.

Do you want to organize an event yourself? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to sit down at the table with you to see how we can successfully organize your event!



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