How to organize your own staff party: interview with an event expert

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When planning a staff party, you’ll want to make it as personal as possible, and what better way to ensure this than by organizing the party yourself! But what important aspects do you have to take into account when being the event planner instead of hiring one? Our event expert Delphine Kelemen has the answers to all your event questions.


How do I plan a staff party from scratch?

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Delphine: First of all, think about the common thread of your event: make sure everything fits the message you are trying to convey with this party.

Secondly, put together a party committee that comes up with a theme. By gathering input from multiple departments, every member is represented and gets excited for the party. This way, your success rate will be much higher! I recommend choosing a theme that allows your colleagues to dress up. Whether that’s in a cartoon costume or a fancy suit, people will feel more connected to the party, especially if they can win a Best Outfit award. It immediately creates a great atmosphere around your party.


How long will it take me to plan a staff party?

Delphine: Take at least 6 months for preparation. This includes sending save-the-dates, making an original invitation, arranging furniture and decoration, but also:

  • Visiting possible venues: always arrange a site visit before choosing your venue. This will make your choice easier, and you can already brainstorm about the possibilities in the available space.
  • Estimate the timing of your event: how long will your introduction be? Do you have a presentation? How long do you want the band to play? Make a general rundown of when the different elements start and end to estimate the length of your event.
  • Safety: keep in mind that you cannot place decorations in front of the emergency exits and make sure your guests get home safely by offering hotel rooms, arranging Ubers, or even testing their alcohol levels at the end of your event! Safety is something that seems obvious, but is often forgotten about when having fun is a priority.
  • Catering: don’t forget your guests’ alimentary needs and allergies, to make sure that everyone can enjoy the food. Also make clear arrangements about diets, location and times with the catering company, or make sure the venue has catering on site to make it all easier.


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Next to that, you (or if you’re lucky, your venue) will also have to arrange a good live band, animation, hostesses and technical support, so you will probably need those 6 months.

For setting up the event, schedule one day before it starts. Breaking down can be done in the morning after the event.


What does a staff party cost?

Delphine: Depending on what your event requires, I would say it costs between €150 and €250 per person. If you’re booking a good live band, which is essential for a good dance party, you’ll probably spend around €200, but you can make it as extensive or as simple as you’d like.

If you want to minimize your costs, but still want a spectacular party, an all-in-one venue like BluePoint is perfect. By having everything under one roof, we can give free professional advice without hiring an event organizer. We can even book certain items at a discounted price, due to our contacts with multiple suppliers.


What do I have to do on the party itself?

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Delphine: Make sure to thank your staff, as this party is a celebration for the employees. This often gets forgotten, but it’s greatly appreciated when you do mention it.
Besides that, the only thing on your to-do list is to enjoy yourself. You have done enough work for the preparation, so when the party starts, your work ends.

The most rewarding part about organizing a staff party, is seeing your guests have fun and getting positive feedback afterwards. After all, you are organizing this party to see your colleagues being happy. However, it would be waste to hear all this positivity without having experienced it yourself, which is why you should enjoy yourself just as much as your guests.

At BluePoint, our event experts take care of everything necessary to arrange during the event, which means you can fully enjoy everything you have planned for your colleagues and yourself!