How to lift your online event to a higher level? Discover the added value of live streaming at a professional recording studio!

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Livestreams, webinars and online events have become an essential part of our professional life. Online events are gaining ground compared to live events, and companies can no longer postpone their live events without losing market share.  But what if you don't have the right equipment, space or knowledge to organise an online event yourself?

The long-term pandemic has proven that companies need to approach their target group online in order to maintain business continuity and ensure their future and turnover. 

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It has also become abundantly clear that broadcasting events online, also known as 'live streaming',
has many advantages:

  • Online is quick to deploy as less preparation time is needed
  • Online ensures that the number of participants is unlimited
  • A live broadcast gives you unlimited reach, there are no distance or travel restrictions for participants
  • Online is sustainable and environmentally friendly because it involves less travel
  • Live streaming is versatile and long-lasting, events can also be watched in a delayed manner.
  • Participation is more accessible which increases the chance of high viewing figures.
  • Online is 100% COVID-proof


Are you convinced to broadcast your next event live as well?

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How can a professional recording or live stream event studio help you?

Choose a professional environment with technical equipment and support
Instead of asking a company to come to your office and risking technical problems during the broadcast, it is better to use a professional space, which is made for recording and broadcasting. All the technical equipment and connections are there, and there is also enough bandwidth to broadcast an event online. Thanks to the professional support of the production team, you can fully concentrate on the content of the online event.

Enjoy flawless recording and quality broadcasting
Quality is extremely important for your online event in order to impress your target group and ensure that they do not drop out during the broadcast. Instead of resorting to your own meeting room, it is better to choose a professional environment that best showcases your product, service or even subject.

Determine your own atmosphere
Whether you want a hip, chic or techy environment - the right setting for a live broadcast will help get your message across.
Choose a talk show-like setting with a large table, around which the guests are seated. Another option is to use luxurious armchairs, creating a living room-like setting.
If you have several or a whole series of online events planned, using the same recognisable space for your online event can strengthen your brand and provide continuity in this crowded internet world!
In a green key studio, the entire space can be personalised according to your wishes. A great advantage of a green key backdrop is that the decor can be changed in a single click.

Use special technology to add layers to the recordings
The production staff at a professional studio have the necessary technical gadgets and software to make your presentation even more impressive. Think of the correct lighting, the transition from speaker to video recording, the intervention of other speakers via teams or another platform, the insertion of a survey or a separate poll. They can also add logos and names of speakers.  You can discuss all requirements with an experienced production team.

The choice is yours: record first and broadcast later or go live immediately.
Are you hesitant to go live with your message? Then make a recording before broadcasting. Whether you go live immediately or not, the advantage of a recording is that you can reuse it. Your target group can watch the recording live or delayed and you can also promote it in separate parts on social media for example.


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Would you like to make your own recording and broadcast it live?

BluePoint offers you a total solution for a successful video recording and online broadcast!
Whether it is a virtual event, an online product presentation, a webinar or any other, BluePoint is a one-stop-shop for your online event needs!

Different rooms can be fully equipped according to your needs.
Our experienced production team guarantees support before, during and after your event.

In the professionally equipped studios, we provide all the necessary material for a successful video production. We take care of the decoration and lighting, the video and audio production and the live broadcast, with possibilities for interaction with your target audience. The recording sets are spacious, so social distancing is not a problem. There is no time wasted on setting up and dismantling, because the studios are ready for use in no time. In addition, our three locations are easily accessible by both car and public transport and have underground parking facilities.

Contact your BluePoint event expert now and discuss our possibilities!
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