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Innovation and technology have fundamentally changed the way we work and have reshaped the organizations over the past years. Companies change and integrate their business processes in order to be much more streamlined and the ways of communication have strongly influenced the way and the speed of collaboration worldwide. You could say that technology is a facilitator making the whole workflow smooth and on track. What are the biggest changes and how do they influence the modern workspace?

1. Remote and agile working

Technology makes remote work possible. The success of this new, more flexible way of working is fully dependent on access to the right tools and technology, that allows staff to work where, when, and how they choose.  Nowadays a company can involve several different departments, who are located in different countries, in the workflow without compromising on efficiency.  This also means that a business owner can attract the best talent all over the world without having to worry about connectivity.  

We live in a world where we just pull out a smartphone or laptop and can start working. That’s why a common workplace for all the companies staff members seems to be less and less useful.

This is one reason why the success of co-working is increasing worldwide:  Agile working in a trendy and creative atmosphere with a flexible office design is required to provide staff with a choice of spaces to work from, depending on the nature of the work and the mood.

2. Productivity and collaboration like never before

Today's employees are more productive than they’ve ever been. The impact of technology and communication tools has exponentially increased the speed of business.  Technology has helped us to be more efficient than ever before. What used to take hours,  can now only take minutes. Messages can be sent instantly to colleagues or clients across the world and new meeting technologies have been implemented such as video-conferencing technology and cloud based file-sharing to improve the overall workflow. People are beginning to realize that working in a team is easier than ever before.  Tools like digital brainstorming  provide new possibilities and speed up projects and innovations.

It is important to implement as many of these new technologies as possible into a workplace to improve productivity.  

3. Technology is all about people

Thanks to the new technologies available to your employees, they work harder and more efficiently than ever.  Employees also tailor their working hours to the times when they are most productive.  It is therefore very important to reward your employees for their hard work and to keep them happy and relaxed.   When an employee is also given credit for the hard work they are putting it, the efficiency even increases.  

Having some games or destress zones at workplaces are a great way to boost employee energy and productivity! Such elements are a great way to enhance interpersonal relationships, communication and bonding within a team.  They allow employees to take a break and recharge their batteries.. All you really need is a dedicated space that's inviting and peaceful.  

Employees gravitate to “light-filled common areas with plenty of space to chat over a delicious cup of coffee or challenge each other to a quick game of pool.

 Pool Table

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